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Title - Nobody's Perfect
Pairing - Jensen/Jared (Gazes Into You universe)
Rating - NC-17
Word count - 1433
Warnings - Bottom-Jared, angry wall sex, lubeless, dirty talk, mentions of teenage(17+) prostitution, age difference, established relationship, almost a PWP.

Notes - for [ profile] smpc ♥ Short and hopefully sweet. But not like sweet sweet : )

Jensen didn't say anything as Jared stomped past him into the apartment, but he slammed the door a little harder than absolutely necessary in case Jared had missed somehow that he was pissed. "You wanna tell me what that was all about?"

Jared started stripping of his jacket, keeping his back to Jensen. "I don't wanna talk about it."

Jensen stopped mid-step. "You don't wanna—Jesus Christ, Jay. I don't give a shit about what you want. Who the fuck was that guy?"

It was Jared's turn to pause then, his body stiffening. The tension in the car on the ride home had been bad enough but this worse. "He's nobody. He's just someone I used to know."

Jensen shook his head and slowly stalked closer to his husband. "Well, which is it, Jay? Is he nobody, or is he someone you know?"

Jared spun on his heel, and for a second Jensen couldn't read the look on his face. It could have been fear, or anger, maybe a little of both. "What the fuck does it matter, Jen? Why do you even care?"

Jensen huffed out a breath and tilted his head. "Why do I—? Oh, I don't know. Maybe I'd like to know why a complete stranger called my husband by a different name. Or how about, I'd like to know why did he seemed to think that I was paying for your time?"

There was a lot Jensen didn't know about Jared's past. He'd accepted that when they met and figured that after they were married, Jared might tell him eventually. And details had come, in drips and drabs, but still Jensen knew that Jared was holding back. Jensen swallowed, trying to clear his throat. "Is that what you used to do? Sell yourself?"

Jared's eyes went wide, and from the way his jaw ticked, Jensen wondered if things were going to get violent between them for the first time. "Is that what you think of me?" Jared's voice was almost a whisper.

Jensen shook his head. "I have no idea what to think! I don't want to think anything! I just want you to tell me!"

Jensen felt desperate. He really didn't care at all what Jared might have done in the past. He'd married the kid knowing that he'd been a runaway at sixteen, and knowing what that might mean; knowing Jared would have had to do whatever he needed to to survive. But he'd blocked the thought of it from his mind. Until today. Until some jackass had cornered Jared, acting like they were old friends, calling him Jimmy, and apologizing for not realizing he was "working" when Jensen moved in protectively. Maybe if there wasn't such an age gap between the two of them, the guy might have thought they were a couple. Maybe.

Jared's expression didn't change as he stepped closer. It was still fury and indignation. But his voice was soft when he said, "What do you want me to say, Jen? You want me to tell you that the jackass in the market was my pimp? That I used to wait on street corners to fuck guys like you for money? Is that want you want to hear?" Jensen could hardly breathe. He shook his head but couldn't move away when Jared stepped right into his space. "I think you do. I think you like the idea of me getting fucked in an alley by a stranger. Would you have watched us, Jen? Would you have liked it? Hearing me cry out as some john brutalized me?"
Jensen's jaw dropped open. He couldn't believe that Jared would say something like that. But mostly he couldn't fathom why his dick was suddenly pressing against his fly, struggling to get free. He tried to speak, tried to deny it, but the only thing that can from his mouth was a strangled squeak.
Jared's mouth twitched into a smile for a second before he licked his lips. His tongue lingered, his lips staying parted as he brought them within an inch of Jensen's and he breathed out slowly, "I think you would have. I can just imagine it now. Me on my knees, choking on some guy's filthy cock, knowing that you were watching everything, knowing you were jerking off in the darkness just out of sight."

Jensen jumped when Jared's hand cupped him through his jeans, but he didn't protest when Jared popped his button fly and pulled Jensen free. Jared was on his knees before Jensen knew it, swallowing him down. Jensen cried out when his cock hit the back of Jared's throat and Jared h'mmed his approval. He didn't stay on the floor for long. Just long enough for Jensen to start losing his mind. Three or four deep, hard draws on Jensen's dick and Jared was on his feet again.

Jensen's head was spinning. Part of him wanted desperately to push Jared back down but Jared had other ideas. With shaking hands, Jared was pushing his own jeans down and walking Jensen backward until he hit the living room wall with an oof. "I think you would have loved it, Jen. Seeing me getting fucked, with come on my face or some guy's cock in my ass." Jared spun them around, and Jensen was faced with Jared pressing himself up against the wall, presenting his ass. For a second, Jensen just stood there, shellshocked, his wet cock bobbing in front of him. Then he spat in his hand, roughly pulled Jared's asscheek aside and smeared the copious spit on Jared's twitching asshole.

Jared keened and struggled against the hold Jensen had around his chest as Jensen pushed into him. They'd fucked the night before so it didn't take too much effort for Jensen to get inside Jared. When he finally was in to the hilt, he rested his cheek against Jared shoulder and relished the way Jared was panting and shaking, until Jared, looked over his shoulder and croaked out, "Tell me, Jen. Tell me how much you would have liked seeing my virgin ass split open on some other guy's dick."

Jensen groaned at the thought, and drew back quickly, fucking back into Jared just as fast, making his husband shout in surprise. The sound did something to Jensen. He reached up and pressed Jared's head hard against the dry wall, then with his arm around Jared's waist, he started to fuck him hard, pumping his hips in a rapid rhythm.

Jared braced one hand against the wall, but the other only went to his cock when Jensen leaned forward and growled into his ear, "I would have fucking loved it. Seeing your sweet ass pounded like this. God, watching you is beautiful, but seeing you getting fucked...Christ, Jay."

Jared keened, groaning through his teeth as he fucked his fist faster and faster, losing rhythm with Jensen's thrusts as they both stuttered into explosive orgasms. Jensen threw his head back as he came, then collapsed against Jared's back as Jared coated the wall in front of them.

It took about thirty seconds for Jensen to go from utterly turned on to totally ashamed of what he had just done. He covered his eyes with his hand before he'd even pulled out of Jared. Jared must have felt the way Jensen's breath started to shudder out of him and gently pushed him back, pulling up his jeans as he turned to face his husband.

When Jared pulled Jensen's hand away from his face, Jensen was surprised to see him smiling. He wanted to apologize but Jared got there first. "Well, even though that was amazing, I'm going to have to disappoint you." Jensen frowned and Jared had the grace to look a little shame-faced. "I was never a teenage prostitute, Jen. I've done many questionable things but not that." He stepped closer, pulling Jensen's jeans up around his softening cock and murmuring, "Although, if it means you'll fuck me like that again, I'll happily pretend I was."

Jensen felt like he didn't have an ounce of strength left in his body, but what he had, he used to draw Jared down into a deep kiss. He hoped it said I'm sorry and I love you , as when he pulled away, the words that came out of his mouth weren't so romantic.

"So, who was the fucking guy from the market?"

Jared rolled his eyes, and took Jensen's hand. "Let's take a shower and make coffee and then I'll tell you all about it."

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