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Chronic commenter and devoted Wincester.
Sterek shipper and sugar junkie.
Dog owner and writer of stuff.

Dean Winchester is my fictional pretend boyfriend but I am Bi-Bro.
I write Supernatural fanfic - Sam/Dean unless otherwise specified - and original fic masquerading as J2AU.
I also art from time to time.


My muse has horns and a long red tail. And she's a hugger.
So expect stuff that's a bit angsty, a bit funny, probably rather nasty but with a happy ending. Usually. Maybe.
There's some difficult subject matter in there so check the warnings.
I'm not kidding.

And just in case you were wondering about the weird stuff...just to be clear...
I do not endorse the real life practice of any of the sexual activities that I write about here.
Be safe, responsible, consensual, and legal.

Concrit is gratefully received and grammar nazis are welcomed with open arms.
Also, nice words make my muse all warm and fuzzy, which helps if you want me to keep writing.
If you want to prompt me, I'll do my best to satisfy.
If you want to friend me, do but I try and keep my friends list slim so won't always friend back. It's nothing personal.
I love to beta, just ask. I also podfic so you can ask for that too.
I have been known to art on occasion and make some unintentionally funny manips. Requests are welcome.
I am a chronic commenter so apologies in advance for spamming the shit out of your inbox.
I will, however, probably take at least a year to reply to any comments/messages.
I swear a hell of a fucking lot and squee like a twelve year old.

I mod at spn_hallelujah and rlbivob
I am a proud member of spn_bunker and contributor to tricycleman

I do read - Wincest, SPNAU, J2AU, Sterek, TWAU, fluffy highschool/coffeshop/workplace AU, hardcore dubcon, priest!kink, underage, boyking, wing!kink, Dean/Benny, poetic/purple prose, death fic, pwp, wip...

I might read - Gen, noncon, daddy!kink, m/m pairings that are not Sam/Dean or J2, moresomes, J2RPS...

I don't do - het, femslash, toilet!kinks, very underage, excessive torture, humiliation...

My Must Read List
These are some of the things I have read and fallen in love with...

Everything by homo_pink but esp
- Like a Detuned Radio
- Large Enough To Hold A Man
- Antibody

A Life Most Ordinary by sonofabiscuit77

Second Glance by ygrawn

Everything by riyku but esp.
- You Crazy Diamond
- Bury My Heart Next To Yours

Everything by ash_carpenter but esp.
- Sandcastles In The Surf
- The whole Anti-Kink series
- This Burning Need

Everything by thestarkat but esp.
- Raise Some Noël
- I See The Real You

Heart Shaped Hole by tebtosca

An Intimate History Of Collecting by astarloa

Fragments On A Tuesday by deep_south

Hard Won Inches by bewaretheides15

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine bytopaz119

He Gripped Him Tight Down There by brightly_lit

Beware The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing by saltandburnboys

One Small Step by sandymg

I could go on and on!
Everything I read gets added to my Delicious account.

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