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So, about a million fucking years ago (I'm not kidding) [ profile] meesasometimes asked me for a little something.
Clearly, Hell has frozen over as I finally got around to doing it! For her birthday. Which is today.

Hope this is a little like you wanted, Hun, and I hope you have a fabulous day with those girls of yours ♥ ♥

Happy Birthday!!!! )
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no title

Happy Birthday to [ profile] thursdaysisters and [ profile] zubeneschamali  

Hope you girls have a wonderful day!!! ♥ ♥
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Win Signed Copies and Other Things because I'm a year older!!

So, it was my birthday the weekend before last and I fully intended to do something lovely for my readers to celebrate. But then I ended up pretty much just enjoying my birthday and didn't get around to it. And then work happened, and then I went away for more birthday shenanigans...needless to say, no prize draw happened.

Instead, you'll just have to put up with a post-birthday-post-unbirthday extravaganza of goodies!!

Signed paperback copies of both Home Is Where You Are and Returning Home, some of the bits and pieces that I had in the UK Meet swag bag, plus bonus Curly Wurly...and maybe some other things if I can get them ready in time for posting.

The draw will last from 12am - 4 Oct to 12am - 8 Oct GMT and I'll announce the winner on Sunday!

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For my darling [ profile] wings128 on her birthday.

Hoping you don't have this already...I kept the receipt just incase so you can exchange it ; )

Hope you had a wonderful day, Hunny ♥ ♥ ♥

Link to YouTube
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What do you get the girl who has everything?

Why this of course!

Happy Birthday, Somer!!

This may or may not be safe for work... )
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Happy Birthday, Septembers_coda!!

I hope you have a fantastic day, Hunny, and that BL spoils you rotten! <3

Lots and lots of love...and an icon : ) xxxxxxx )
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Happy Birthday to the wonderful [ profile] herminekurotowa and the ever gorgeous [ profile] cuddyclothes!!!

I'm so very glad to have you both on my flist. I hope your days are filled with all things excellent and many tasty things : )

All the kitten kisses for you xxxxx

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Almost missed it! Hope you have a wonderful day, [ profile] wendy, full of all the good things...and maybe some naughty things too : ) xxxx

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Lots of Birthday Thank You's : ) )

Anyway, Thank You for making my birthday feel so special. Truly do Love Your Faces!!! : ) xxx

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What else but birdy snuggles for [ profile] casey28 on her birthday!

Hope you had a wonderful day, Hunny ♥ xxx
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A little something for the gorgeous [ profile] sleepypercy for her birthday. To accompany the fantastic fic by [ profile] somersault_j. Read it here!

Happy Birthday, Hunny! xxx
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Happy Birthday, BlackRabbit42!!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

There will eventually be something arriving in the post for you, but in the meantime...
Unwrap me x )

Happy Birthday, Darling. I hope you have a wonderful day : ) xxxx
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If anyone ever had any doubts that [ profile] saltandburnboys is the sweetest thing ever in the history of ever...just look at the wondrous, most gorgeous thing that arrived in the post today!


Darling, this is amazing! It's so beautifully done, I'm not sure the picture captures it. Dean has the Samulet! Teeny tiny Samulet!!

Thank you so much, Hunny! You're so clever and thoughtful and love you so much! ♥ xxxx
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I don't really know where to begin...

I spent yesterday and this morning just...god, just overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and thoughtfulness. There have been lots of happy tears.

I don't usually celebrate my birthday. I went for breakfast with my son and his girlfriend which was very nice and then I had some dinner with a couple of friends in the evening, although I hesitate to call them that now, given how much wine they made me drink (my head is still aching). But you guys just made it so special, I just can't even!

I'm really hoping that I've been able to keep up and say thank you to everyone individually but if I've missed your message...I fucking love you, thank you.

Thank yous and me being oversentimental : ) )

Thank you so much for making this birthday the best one I think I've ever had *hugs you all*


*if I have missed anyone off...I am so so sorry! You are totally allowed to punch me in the head...twice
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So today I recieved a package from the most wonderful, most generous and most naughty [ profile] milly_gal...!

Spoilers for 1.22 of Marvel's Agents of Shield )

There has been so much squee today, I can't imagine what the neighbours think I've been up to!
Thank you so much my Darling, I'm so, so happy : ) I feel like I've started my birthday already!
*hugs you super, super tight* xxx
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] firesign10!!

I wanted to get you a hug for you birthday but I couldn't choose which you'll just have to have them all : )


Also, everyone should have a unicorn on their birthday and this one is so fluffy I couldn't resist. I hope you like him : )


Hope you have a wonderful day, Hunny

Lots of love ♥ ♥

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kinkajou!!

You're the cutest : )

Hope you have a wonderful day, Darling x


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