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If you fancy a snippet from Alphas' Homestead Book Three, you're in luck! There's one on the blog post about Love Your Pet Day...which may or may not feature pictures of my dog ♥ x
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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Although, everyday is Random Acts of Kindness Day in fandom, I guess : )

Anyway. I wrote a quickie blog post about it.

This is it.

Park Life

Jul. 8th, 2016 11:23 pm
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I had an adventure with a fox.

I wrote a thing about it here - - Also, there's a video of said fox.

Fluffly ears.

That is all xx

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I wrote a thing about plot bunnies on my blog.

It's here.

That's it really.

*shuffles off*

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...I don't get my new glasses 'til Thursday but I've built it up in my head that the new prescription lenses are going to be life changing. Bye-bye headaches, and weird vision. Bye-bye only being able to draw for ten minutes at a time, and not being able to see out of my right eye by the end of the day. Goodbye to all that, and hello to typing for hours, drawing all day, and not feeling like my head is going to explode.

I may have built it up a bit too much, but only two more sleeps!

In other news...I went to a writers meet-up thing in London on Saturday. It was fun and interesting and a little overwhelming but I talked to people, and didn't flail or fangirl too badly. Anyway, one of the things we talked about was newsletters. So, yesterday I made one...well, I set the means by which to send them out. I was thinking that I could send one once a month, just recapping some of my blog posts, doing giveaways when I have something to giveaway, or adding excerpts or free chapters of stuff. IDK I figured it was worth a try, see if people like it or not. LJ won't let me put the form on here but you can sign up for it at the bottom of the page here.

I'm kinda excited about it as I'm using Mailerlite to make the newsletters, which is such fun to use! I spent all day yesterday geeking out over it when I should have been doing other writing. I can thoroughly recommend it. Especially for procrastinating : )

Miss your faces! xxx


Feb. 16th, 2016 11:50 am
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I promise I will shut up about this eventually...

I wrote a thing about having my short story published and RJ Scott put it on her blog...where people can see it!

I'm not hyperventilating, you're hyperventilating. some kind of...I don't even know what...I now have a Goodreads Author page.

How fricken ridiculous is that! Anyway, if you do the Goodreads thing you can friend me or somethingorother, also there's an Ask the Author thing when you can ask me embarrassing questions and I'll come up with some insane story about being a competitive alpaca breeder in my spare time, or something. And you can leave a review for my story, if you feel like it. I won't cry. I probably won't cry. Okay, there maybe crying.

Disclaimer - I don't own the rights to this image. If you know who does please let me know. My Google fu is lame. I'm just borrowing it.
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Posted my list of the books what I read in January on my blog thing

Eight of the thirteen books are by the same author...I'm not saying I have a problem but OMFG I love Jordan L. Hawk!! And she was super nice and replied to my squee tweet with more squee! space pirate vampires, ghost hunters, overeating, a Newfoundland, and my utter, utter, emotional devastation awaits you!

My January Reads
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Today, the delicious Clare London has allowed me to write a rambling post as part of her Birthday Blog month, about starting out as a writer of m/m.

When I signed up to take part, I didn't have a clue what to write so hopefully I've not screwed up. Or sound like a dick. can read the post here.

What a way to start the week! x
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*keeping fingers crossed that no more of my heroes shake off their mortal coil this week*

Two things!

1. Anyone got a couple of minutes to run their eyes over a 1k blog post today? I'm doing a guest post for someone and I just need a second pair of eyes to spot any major errors and to make sure I don't sound like a dick.

2. I haven't signed up for the spnj2bigbang yet. I'm really not sure if I should, as I have so much else to do, but then I was thinking I could use it to get down the sequel to I Stumble Forward...but I'm not sure whether people would be that bothered about reading that...opinions welcome, nay, encouraged.

Last week was a bust. I got nothing done and I'm trying not to be pissed at myself.
Lily's eye is no better. We're both getting a bit bored with eye ointment.
I've managed to not contract any illnesses for ten I'll probably get something this week : )
My kids came for dinner and it was lovely.
I'm almost 99% sure that the noisy neighbors have moved out!!
Papayas are my new favourite thing.

That's it. That's everything xxx

*sidles up to join the protective circle around Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan*
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My lame-ass list of December reads is on my blog. I hardly read anything last month so it's super short - sorry. I feel like I'm letting the side down.

And one of them's a re-read. But it was Alexis Hall and it's awesome!

Anyway -

Feel free to leave any recs in the comments xx
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One of the recurring pieces of advice I got when I was talking to m/m authors at the UK Meet conference in September was that if you want to write in the genre, you have to read in the genre. Like, a lot.

Which made sense, and so that's what I've been doing. Also, in an effort to not ghosttown my writer's blog, I thought I could do a post every month to just list what I'd read and what I liked.

So this is it – My October Reads

There's shifter fic, panty fic, men with guns, gothic romance, Festive fic, dragons \0/ and sci-fi.

The post also clearly demonstrates why I don't ever get anything done : )

ION - The sore throat is back. Kill me now.

Love your faces xxx


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