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Something Beginning With 'V'
Alex Jane

A thoroughly enjoyable read, if a little gay.
Wonderful characterisation but a tangible lack of racing cars.

As written by my ex. I've no idea why he wanted to read it other than he's very supportive. Then he sent me an email to say he'd spotted two typos.

Then I got the link to say that now everyone can see my shoddy editing!! Yay!!

Click on the image to go to the download link : ) xxx

Meet Jacob

Jan. 26th, 2016 09:17 pm
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Excited about my WIP!! Getting some reference images together to make a planning sheet as I think there's maybe another book after this one, and I'm going to attempt to plan ahead for a change.

But anyway...

Jacob, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Jacob... )

My lovely Caleb... )

Old West Shifter fic FTW!! \0/

Yup. Way too excited. There's a snippet here if you haven't already read it : )
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Darlings, please pm me your addresses for cards and such, if you haven't already. I want to get these thingys out asap.

Hope you bears are all okay xxx

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So, my friend linked me to this and it sounds like it could be interesting.

6 week online course, 4 hours per week, run by the University of Dundee which is pretty special, I think.

Starting with the discovery of a body and taking you through the forensic identification process.

I think if you want to write anything vaguely police procedural-ish, this could be a great source of information and inspiration.

I'm signed up and have my shades ready to roll!

Starts Monday. Oh, and it's free. And you get a free Val McDermid e-book at the end of it.

Just clickety the pic to go to the page.

MOOCs FTW!! \0/

Let me know if you sign up, and we can help each other with our homework!

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So, I'm gearing up to edit I Stumble Forward into something more...manuscript-ish...just coz I always promised myself I would, and I'm at the point where I need to change the names to protect the innocent.

So, I've had some thoughts...not all of them good, but I figured I'd ask as I'm shit at this, and you guys are fricken awesome.

Anyway...I don't think this is spoilery if you think you might wanna read it...although you've had a year, goddammit! It's not War and Peace, people! Although it has been described as "harrowing" in places so it might be best if you haven't...*coughs*

I digress...

I'm so bad at this )

Anyway...any feedback or suggestions would be gratefully received : ) Ridicule is cool too : P xx

p.s. I was joking about the whole reading it's most definitely not everyone's cup of tea, so I'm not actually...y'know : ) xx
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Inspired by [ profile] milly_gal's cute-as-all-hell post this morning...just a couple or three from my fb page : )

I couldn't resist! Happy Monday, Peeps xx

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So, Lynn Anderson died, which is sad. Rose Garden is one of those songs that I love but also resent for being such an ear worm -- once I hear it I can't stop singing it!

But then all roads lead to Wincest...

H/c mini-ficlet or prompt if anyone one wants it : ) )
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Title - Fire and Smoke
Pairing - Jared/Jensen
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words. Characters that bear the names of actors in this story have no relation to the real life people of the same name. They simply have the misfortune to be cast in my sordid little tale. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 5415
WIP - 9/?––  MasterPost
Warnings - A/O, older!Jared/younger!Jensen, D/s undertones, bottom!Jensen, knotting, domesticity, Jeff is horrible and I feel sad about it, mentions of past assault of a minor (not graphic)

Summary - Not Looking 'Verse - Jared and Jensen wake up, mated...and all they know about each other are their first names. - Guess who's coming to dinner?

A/N - The title comes from a quote by Disraeli - Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke - which I thought was nice.
Unbeta'd coz I'm too impatient and need to get on with stuff, so holler if you spot anything awful.

<<<<<Whatever It Takes To Get Us Through

Fire and Smoke )
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Just saw a BBC news headline on the website - what does rosemary do to your brain?

My first thought was, whatever the fuck she wants! Don't mess with her, you'll just make it harder on yourself. I think maybe I should read some fic about bunnies or something for a bit.

Also, this morning I managed to gash a fucking hole in the bottom of my foot. It bled like a mother but it seems to be okay now and I can walk on it okay. I was wondering though, what's the best way to get blood out of a carpet. The thing was pouring for a bit and it's everywhere : (

Oh and Lily's being super sweet about it and coming up and sniffing it gently everytime she goes by! It's the cutest : ) xx
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A meme! A meme!
Well, I'm not getting anything else done today : )
Stolen from loads of folks! Thank you, Folks.

Pick a number or two...

1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing.

2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

5. How many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour?

6. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)

7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.

8. Why do you choose to write?

9. Do you ever have plans to write anything other than fic?

10. What inspires you the most?

11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?

12. A fic you wish you had written better, and why?

13. Favorite fic from another author?

14. Your favorite side pairings to put in?

15. Your guilty writing pleasure?

16. Do you have structured ideas of how your story is supposed to go, or make it up as you write?

17. Would you describe yourself as a fast writer?

18. How old were you when you started writing?

19. Why did you start writing?

20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of?
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The last couple of days haven't been great but I feel like I'm doing okay. Just so many things that are just...ugh.

But then! Spn-J2 BigBang previews are up!! How exciting! I'm having summary regret but I'm also really excited to read all the lovely fic! Very much looking forward to the bloodbath excitement on Sunday. I'm planning on sitting in a pile of snacks that will either be celebratory or commiseratory depending on if I get picked or not.

The gif doesn't have much to do with anything, I just thought it was cute : ) xx
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Originally posted by [ profile] somersault_j at Everybody raise their hands...
...who has hundreds of WIPs on their harddrive! Psh, not me, but I know a lot who have :P

Originally posted by [ profile] expectative at Quit playing games with my heart, assholes.
I can't believe how fucking lucky we are, with fucking J2 and fucking Austin. I know I'm saying 'fucking' a lot, but I'm trying to TULPA a sextape all by myself, so bear with me.

Anyway, that's not why I'm here. I was thinking about a new SPN writing challenge a few days ago and some people said they'd be interested on twitter, so I figured I'd try and make a little post to explain what it's all about and if y'all would participate or not.

The idea is simple, really: every writer has one or two or a bazillion WIP fics abandoned in a folder, waiting to be finished, but because you're a realistic person, you just know you'll never get it done. But it would make a kickass fic in someone else's hands, you're sure of it.

So you sign up for that brand new challenge, and you send a short excerpt of one of your WIPs. Some amazing mods will make a list of all the excerpts, you'll get a couple days to take a look at them, and then you'll fight to death to claim the one excerpt that makes you want to write like the wind and make some other writer happy because their WIP will turn into a beautiful, shiny new fic, and EVEN BETTER, you'll get a beautiful, shiny new fic out of your WIP in return!

So, what do you think?

Go over HERE and fill out the poll :)
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RL is kicking my ass. Just babysat for two hours and now all I want to do is sleep! But have to at least attempt some work today.

But anyway.

Press the buttons! Two polls and fic talk )

I know I should be replying to comments and I will...just need to draw a puppy first : ) Love your faces xxx

Drive By

Apr. 4th, 2015 03:30 pm
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Just a super quick rec.

A 20min radio broadcast on the challenges of English to non-native speakers (yes, that means you too US contingent) presented by Henning Wehn, a German comedian who's relatively well known here (and very funny : )

Thought you guys might find it interesting. I know now why I'm so damn confused all the time. I may move to Germany : ) xx
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I've been having a massive crisis of confidence about my writing.

I haven't really wanted to talk about it as I think it's perfectly normal and I've been trying not to let it get to me. But it's hard when I feel like I don't have the time to properly concentrate on my WIPs so they're rushed and scrappy, and the BB is just endless and wholly unsatisfying to write at the moment. I've been dragging my feet with it as I can't stand writing when every word is vile. And it has to be that way as that's just how my first drafts come out but editing seems like it's a lifetime away and I just...hate it.

And then this morning I received a comment on my BB from last year, on AO3 and...Christ, I cried. It was stranger, which shouldn't make a difference but I think it does as they have no reason to be nice to me. And they were just so complimentary and invested in the characters and the story. They really connected with it emotionally and they asked for more.

I feel like I couldn't ask for anything better. It really helped to remind me that I may not be the best writer but I can tell a story that people want to read when I put my mind to it. It feels like a weight has be lifted and I'm actually looking forward to getting down to my BB this afternoon and making some headway.

Anyway, it made me really think.


When you read something someone has taken the time to write, please leave a little comment to let them know.

Even if you thought it wasn't all that, pick out a positive thing about it and say something nice.

If you don't have time to write a gushing review, just a smily face could make their day.

If you want to lurk, that's cool. But just a little wave to say you appreciate someone taking the time - to write 2.5k of Samstiel, 100k of crossover gen or some chibi!J2cowboys or whatever you find that makes you smile - doesn't mean you have to give up your anonymity. We won't hunt you down.

Writing is hard. Art is hard.

Typing : ) or ♥ in the comments takes less than two fucking seconds. And it can make so much difference to the way someone is going to feel that day.

Anyway. That's it. Rant over.

And thank you to everyone who comments on my stuff. You lovely enablers, you ♥ xxx

no title
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I don't know how you guys feel about conceptual art or the actor in question. I definitely know more about the first one than the latter.

Anyway, Shia Labeouf is doing a collaboration with some folk and he's live streaming his heartbeat for a week.

Sounds like pile of wank? Maybe, but when you see and hear his heart beating on the screen, it's actually quite strange. Intimate.

I like it. But then I would : )



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