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Jul. 8th, 2016 11:23 pm
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I had an adventure with a fox.

I wrote a thing about it here - - Also, there's a video of said fox.

Fluffly ears.

That is all xx

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Yesterday was long. So long it didn't finish until the early hours of this morning. There were many tears of frustration and panic but I'm almost done. Just waiting for Createspace to do its thing and then I can get back to the fun stuff : )

But right now, I'm led out with the dog, feeling like a wet noodle and trying to will myself to go get something decent to eat. Except I just have to listen to this song one more time.

Perfect song, perfect video, perfect cutie. Perfect.

Maybe just more listen : ) xxx
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I haven't had much time to be around lately, so I've not been interacting much with the people that I normally do that kinda thing with. But then I was reminded – as I always am when I do a poll – that there are people seeing and reading my stuff that don't ever interact, or comment, or anything, for whatever reason they might have.

So, I just wanted to say, Hi Lurkers! ♥

Feel free to lurk, but if you're thinking about commenting and feeling nervous, remember that we don't bite.
Unless you specifically ask us to ♥ are appreciated regardless  xx

no title
^^ Selma showing her appreciation : ) ^^
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Call out for Beta Readers

I'm going to start editing my original fic, Little Werewolf House, this week, so if you would like a sneak peek at some Old West Werewolf action, then it would be great to have a few people to give it a look over.

Don't sign up until you've read the post beneath the cut. I'm not looking for proof reading at this point. I need feedback so smooth out the kinks...or lack there of. So, if you think you can put up with my bossiness, pm me and I'll give you run down of the warnings, etc, so you can make a decision. There are...a few : /
Trying something new! )

I'm going to try to edit a chapter everyday, RL permitting, and send them out around that frequently. exciting!!
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The dog that has been staying went home today. Usually Lily is relieved, but this time she's pining for him.

I, however, am relieved. Very fudging relieved.

I've got a week to finish this damn book. I'm behind, and feel like I'm flagging badly but I think I can do it. Only 20k to go. *cries* your faces...esp if they're anything like this : ) xxx

Meet Jacob

Jan. 26th, 2016 09:17 pm
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Excited about my WIP!! Getting some reference images together to make a planning sheet as I think there's maybe another book after this one, and I'm going to attempt to plan ahead for a change.

But anyway...

Jacob, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Jacob... )

My lovely Caleb... )

Old West Shifter fic FTW!! \0/

Yup. Way too excited. There's a snippet here if you haven't already read it : )
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Spent three hours cuddling dogs taking photos at the RSPCA this morning. It was definitely adorable, there were a couple of heartrending moments but I thought I did quite well to come home without a puppy up my jumper. I was, however, stinking and had to jump straight in the shower. Luckily the bus driver didn't kick me off for smelling of dog pee : /

Got fourteen dogs to draw now...and then I get to go back again! \0/

Also, I don't really do favourites but this guy...

...this guy was hilarious and sweet. Milo, 10 months old, removed from an unsuitable home (read - great big head, skinny body like a whippet. poor baby) I took him out for a walk and he was so well behaved for his age and was such fun. Didn't feel like my dog but he's going to make someone a great friend : )


Jun. 9th, 2015 01:35 pm
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Just a flyby to say, I know this isn't the majority of y'all's fandom but Hoechlin is doing a Represent campaign to raise money for The ALS Association. There are 11 hours left if you fancy one of the tshirts, which have a really nice design, I thought : )

Love you meeses to pieces. Hopefully I'll be around at the weekend xx
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This Sunday is [ profile] smpc's Porn Pile, celebrating the second anniversary of the com. Everyone is invited to porn and as usual I'm leaving it til the last minute to get something together.

What I had in mind, as I don't have a lot of time, was to do some manips of your favorite porny stuff. You know my manips are often unintentionally ridiculous but I think they're funny, and porn is porn, right?

So, link me to your favorite porn pic or gif, or just leave it in the comments and hopefully by Sunday I'll have enough to make a little Sam/Dean-J2 porn post. And don't forget that everyone is invited to post something on Sunday. Details are here if you're thinking about participating.

I'm still laughing at this one : ) xx
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Yes, I know I should be working but look at his faaaaace! *whimpers*
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For [ profile] chomaisky

Weeeell, for all of us really but I couldn't help but think of her.

Website is so close to being done. My head is fried, my eyes are on stalks and I ate most of a cheesecake.

Good times.

Piggers xxx


Feb. 7th, 2015 08:51 pm
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Just chillin' at my friend's place while she's out and just thought I'd pop in to remind you that Hoechlin 100% makes me lose my shit....y'know...just in case you forgot. For reasons.

And yes I may have been drinking. How could you tell? : ) Hope all y'all are having a lovely weekend : ) xxx


Jan. 9th, 2015 12:28 pm
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Going out to lunch with my kids for the first time in ages. My skin looks like I've been soaked in vinegar and then grated. Marvellous.




...things could be worse : ) x


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