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Looking to get some reviews on Amazon (US and UK) and Goodreads for 'Tis the Season. I have 28 copies to give away.
27k - 81 pages - festive romance - second chances - contemporary

So far the feedback has been great, but books live and die with reviews--and I'm talking quantity not quality very often. Give me a three-star, one word review on anything I write and I'll be a very happy bunny--and right now this is dying (poor little book) So I'm on a review drive!

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This broke me.

It's beautiful but omg I have wept.

*hugs you all*

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Alfredo Roagui

I'm still reeling from the events of yesterday. I watched it play out on Facebook, watching friends frantically messaging each other back and forth, searching for news of missing loved ones.

Today is worse, seeing the names of the victims scroll up alongside the pro-gun lobby defending their position, and platitudes from people who have been persecuting the LGBT community to line their own pockets for years.

But people are pulling together to help the victims and their families. And I thought my LJ family might be interested in this post by Lily G. Blunt.

"I've been devastated by the recent events in Orlando as I'm sure many of you have been.
I’m planning to create a Love is Love POETRY anthology in support of the victims/families in Orlando. All royalties will be donated.
If you would like to assist or contribute in any way, please contact me.
Submissions can vary in length from one short verse to a maximum of 2000 words. You do not have to be a published author or poet to submit. I’m looking for poems that come from the heart and demonstrate your belief that LOVE IS LOVE.
Submission Deadline is June 27th 2016 with the aim to publish before the end of July.
More information to follow.

You can contact Lily on Facebook and Twitter, if you're interested.
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*hyperventilates* This is actually happening! the proofreader just sent back the changes to my m/s...688 commas in the wrong place...apparently I like a run-on sentence *points at self* Who? Me?

Anyway. It's late but I'm going to crack on and get the changes done tonight –– which means tomorrow, instead of doing my tax return, I will be attempting to make epub, mobi and PDF versions of the file.


What would be great is if three two one zero people (one for epub, one for mobi, and one for pdf) fancied 66k of m/m old west shifter nonsense, with violence, gore, family feels, and piglets...if you could give the files a once over to make sure they had all the right pages in the right place, the links work, the type is readable....all those technical thingies that need looking at before I can sell the damn thing – that would be awesome sauce.

First come, first served.

Don't worry if someone gets there before you and you want a free copy. Once this is done I will be doing a post about free copies in exchange for an honest review. I just need to get my head around this bit first.

Oh god, this is really scary! Who the fuck said this was a good idea?

Love your faces : ) xx


May. 21st, 2016 06:37 pm
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So, I made this for my Alpha's Homestead logo.

Thoughts are appreciated.

Also, rewatching Person of Interest and spotted a familiar face. Took me ages, but ended up yelling "Bones! Dammit!" into an empty room about an hour later. It was the Southern assistant that dated Cam's daughter : )
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Anyone up for a quickie read through of my BB?

Not to beta, just for sense. I'm unsure about the ending and I could do with some feedback before I send it out to my betas.

21.5k - NC-17 - J2au - age difference, violence, awkward sex, schmoop.

Kisses in advance xxxx

And more kisses...and maybe licks : ) xx
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I wrote a thing about plot bunnies on my blog.

It's here.

That's it really.

*shuffles off*


Apr. 1st, 2016 10:10 am
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The dog that has been staying went home today. Usually Lily is relieved, but this time she's pining for him.

I, however, am relieved. Very fudging relieved.

I've got a week to finish this damn book. I'm behind, and feel like I'm flagging badly but I think I can do it. Only 20k to go. *cries* your faces...esp if they're anything like this : ) xxx

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First Bowie, then Alan...then Brian Bedford who was the voice in one of my most treasured Disney movies and a damn fine actor, and now....

Fucking Grizzly Adams has died!! I idolised him and that show when I was a small one. I can't believe this week.

I know I wanted to start the new year afresh but Christ on a bike, no more. more.
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So, I'm gearing up to edit I Stumble Forward into something more...manuscript-ish...just coz I always promised myself I would, and I'm at the point where I need to change the names to protect the innocent.

So, I've had some thoughts...not all of them good, but I figured I'd ask as I'm shit at this, and you guys are fricken awesome.

Anyway...I don't think this is spoilery if you think you might wanna read it...although you've had a year, goddammit! It's not War and Peace, people! Although it has been described as "harrowing" in places so it might be best if you haven't...*coughs*

I digress...

I'm so bad at this )

Anyway...any feedback or suggestions would be gratefully received : ) Ridicule is cool too : P xx

p.s. I was joking about the whole reading it's most definitely not everyone's cup of tea, so I'm not actually...y'know : ) xx
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Just saw a BBC news headline on the website - what does rosemary do to your brain?

My first thought was, whatever the fuck she wants! Don't mess with her, you'll just make it harder on yourself. I think maybe I should read some fic about bunnies or something for a bit.

Also, this morning I managed to gash a fucking hole in the bottom of my foot. It bled like a mother but it seems to be okay now and I can walk on it okay. I was wondering though, what's the best way to get blood out of a carpet. The thing was pouring for a bit and it's everywhere : (

Oh and Lily's being super sweet about it and coming up and sniffing it gently everytime she goes by! It's the cutest : ) xx
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Title - Whatever It Takes To Get Us Through
Pairing - Jared/Jensen
Rating - PG
Disclaimer - These are my words. Characters that bear the names of actors in this story have no relation to the real life people of the same name. They simply have the misfortune to be cast in my sordid little tale. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 4152
WIP - 8/?––  MasterPost
Warnings - A/O, older!Jared/younger!Jensen, off-screen assault of a minor (see notes), angst, feels, no sexytimes

Summary - Not Looking 'Verse - Jared and Jensen wake up, mated...and all they know about each other are their first names. - Jared starts bringing his work home with him.

A/N -Blah, Blah, Blah, Unbeta'd, Blah... )

...that's it.

<<<<< Life Happens...

Whatever It Takes To Get Us Through )
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So, the epic second (third?) draft of the BB begins, and in an effort to break away from the  "He said. He said" thing, I'm making myself a crib sheet (or twelve) of words to use instead of, or in addition to 'said', so it reads a bit better.

I've taken suggestions from about five different sources and have amalamated them into a giant, vaguely alphabetical list. I'm going to try to wrangle it into something more usable at some point but I thought I'd leave it here just in case anyone else might find it useful.

If you spot any duplicates or omissions, do please let me know.

Gonna try and get some actual work done now : )

Miss your faces ♥

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The last couple of days haven't been great but I feel like I'm doing okay. Just so many things that are just...ugh.

But then! Spn-J2 BigBang previews are up!! How exciting! I'm having summary regret but I'm also really excited to read all the lovely fic! Very much looking forward to the bloodbath excitement on Sunday. I'm planning on sitting in a pile of snacks that will either be celebratory or commiseratory depending on if I get picked or not.

The gif doesn't have much to do with anything, I just thought it was cute : ) xx
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RL is kicking my ass. Just babysat for two hours and now all I want to do is sleep! But have to at least attempt some work today.

But anyway.

Press the buttons! Two polls and fic talk )

I know I should be replying to comments and I will...just need to draw a puppy first : ) Love your faces xxx


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