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I'm in bed but was gonna do this real quick. Self recs.

I was going to put my Xmas Fic I wrote for meus venator - - coz I really like these guys...but then the challenge is to rec three things!

I've been thinking about Sunday, Maybe Monday a lot - - probably going to work on it some more, turn it into a full length story. I miss those boys.

And I know it's not technically fannish but I made this pic for my Daniel and Elliott story and I just really love it! - - I can't use it for promo as I don't have the images rights but oh my heart...I really wish I did : )

Anyway. Sleep now. More tomorrow Xxx
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I really need to get started on my BB but unlike previous years, I haven't had anything specific in mind that I want to write. I have a few ideas, all things that need writing, but which to write!!

So as usual when I'm in a jam, I'm gonna let my better half make the better half being all y'all : )


[Poll #2039234]

These all need to be done at some point, so click away. I'm reluctant to include "Sequel to Space Alpacas" as I don't have an idea for that but yeah, I guess that's on the table too : ) xx
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*waves* Just a quick fly-by to say my list of reads for November is up here.

This month has been heavily historical, with some exquisite BDSM, hairy bears, and ex-marines thrown in just for the hell of it.

Already looking forward to next month's selection...although doing this post has made me want to go back and read some of these again!


Miss your faces xxx
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I've been having a massive crisis of confidence about my writing.

I haven't really wanted to talk about it as I think it's perfectly normal and I've been trying not to let it get to me. But it's hard when I feel like I don't have the time to properly concentrate on my WIPs so they're rushed and scrappy, and the BB is just endless and wholly unsatisfying to write at the moment. I've been dragging my feet with it as I can't stand writing when every word is vile. And it has to be that way as that's just how my first drafts come out but editing seems like it's a lifetime away and I just...hate it.

And then this morning I received a comment on my BB from last year, on AO3 and...Christ, I cried. It was stranger, which shouldn't make a difference but I think it does as they have no reason to be nice to me. And they were just so complimentary and invested in the characters and the story. They really connected with it emotionally and they asked for more.

I feel like I couldn't ask for anything better. It really helped to remind me that I may not be the best writer but I can tell a story that people want to read when I put my mind to it. It feels like a weight has be lifted and I'm actually looking forward to getting down to my BB this afternoon and making some headway.

Anyway, it made me really think.


When you read something someone has taken the time to write, please leave a little comment to let them know.

Even if you thought it wasn't all that, pick out a positive thing about it and say something nice.

If you don't have time to write a gushing review, just a smily face could make their day.

If you want to lurk, that's cool. But just a little wave to say you appreciate someone taking the time - to write 2.5k of Samstiel, 100k of crossover gen or some chibi!J2cowboys or whatever you find that makes you smile - doesn't mean you have to give up your anonymity. We won't hunt you down.

Writing is hard. Art is hard.

Typing : ) or ♥ in the comments takes less than two fucking seconds. And it can make so much difference to the way someone is going to feel that day.

Anyway. That's it. Rant over.

And thank you to everyone who comments on my stuff. You lovely enablers, you ♥ xxx

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Sometimes around this time of year I get a little sad that I'm not in a relationship, that I haven't been in one for some time, and that I can't even imagine being in one again.

And then I hear the asshole next door screaming at his girlfriend so loud that I'm actually a little afraid for her and think maybe I should call the police, and I realised I'm blessed!

Being with someone that loves and respects you is the most wonderful thing in the world. Being with someone for the sake of it is a living hell.

I'm really grateful to have you guys, and all the wonderful romantic, sexy, lovely fanstuff that you all make, and I'm grateful too for the douchenozzle next door for reminding me that sometimes, you're better off alone.

And I haven't even started drinking yet : ) *hugs you all tight* xxx
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So I'm an addict. If I wake up in the night I check my messages. [ profile] wings128 asked for J2 collegeAU for the ship meme thing. That was two hours ago. It's 5 am. I couldn't go back to sleep til I got this down.

Warnings - injury, mentions of OC death, schmoop, rimming, til the bitter end, unbeta'd, happiness, unrealistic portrayal of the American University system.

1300ish words

ETA - I'm thinking of expanding this but I'd like to keep the same format, so if you want to ask more questions in the comments, that would be cool ♥

ETA...again - There are more questions and fills in the comments but heads up for character death (after a very long happy life, but still. Made me weepy) Happy questions welcome...yeah, I'm looking at you [ profile] cerului! : P

Dot The i )

Ship Meme

Feb. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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As with all the best things, I'm stealing this from [ profile] wings128 : )

If you're not sure which shows I watch you can check my interests on my profile, and of course rlbivob is always allowed. If you want to pick a Wincest flavour (ie. Teenchesters, or whatnot) that's cool too : )

Comment with a Ship and I'll tell you...

who holds the umbrella when it rains
who is the grumpiest in the morning
who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
who plays pranks on the other
who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
who insists on creating nicknames for the other
who drools on the other when they’re asleep
who says ‘I love you’ first

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Just wanted to do a quick pimp for my LiveStream thing, but moreso, the [ profile] wedraweveryday comm

If you like doing art or looking at art, come be with us! The aim is to draw something everyday, or everyday you can, and post something. There's tutorials and feedback and all kinds of art related stuff, not necessarily fannish, not necessarily drawing. Just art.

'S nice : )

Anyway, when I have the wherewithall to do a LiveStream, I'll probably just announce it on there coz crossposting is boring. But if you miss it, the videos stay on my channel for a month, I think, so you can go watch them there. I'm happy to take requests/concrit/cookies/suggestions to make the vids more interesting : )

<–– This is a button. Click it.
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Okay I don't have to post my [ profile] smpc til next month but I have six, yes! SIX, fannish art deadlines to meet before then and I cannot be arsed to decide what to draw.

So...prompt me.

- it must be J2 or Sam/Dean
- must be NC-17 obviously
- don't mind who tops
- can be for a fic if you want

The only thing I won't draw is extreme underage. I prefer the boys to at least look 16.
And poop. No poop.

Throw some suggestions at me or maybe some ref pics, I might even do a poll so you can vote on the favorite! I love polls!!

In conclusion. Porn.
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Title - UnBirthday
Pairing - Jared/Jensen/Jeff
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words. Characters that bear the names of actors in this story have no relation to the real life people of the same name. They simply have the misfortune to be cast in my sordid little tale. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 1318
Warnings -Lots of Warnings )

Summary - It's Jensen's UnBirthday and he knows what he wants. Jared and Jeff don't exactly hate the idea either.

A/N - Written for [ profile] somersault_j partly for her unbirthday, and partly as I've been teasing her so mercilessly about J3 for so long, I had to put out. If you like it, I might write some more as the guys are kinda cute together ♥  (and by cute I mean...well...) Unbeta'd, so hit me up with a pm if you spot anything horrible x

UnBirthday )
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Having a very slight OTP crisis.

Long story short...I'm reading two WIPs right now, the wonderful Wrapped in Honey by [ profile] lady_emebalia which is like crack! About the only diligent thing I'm doing right now is checking my timeline for the next instalment! Incubus!Sam and captive!'s just lovely.

But then I'm also reading Occam's Razor by [ profile] miss_annthropic. It's...well, it's not spn : /

I don't want to break up, it's just... )
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I'm on a train.

Writing knotting porn : )

Hope no one is reading over my shoulder.

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Get Up Here for [ profile] wings128...coz I'm breathing : ) Thank you, Darlin'

Not totally my wheelhouse...hope it kinda works xx

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The art version of salt_burn_porn!! I'm totally doing it : )

artpaperscissor promo banner

Starts Sep 1st...sign up! [ profile] milly_gal, I'm looking at you : ) xx

10 Things.

Aug. 28th, 2014 09:26 pm
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Oh my close. I have to be done tomorrow with this commission before she sues my ass...I can't wait to think about something else!  Anyway...I was going to wait til I was done

10 fannish things that no-one knows about me...stolen from everyone : )

1. I wear Dean's ring and I have the possession symbol and quote from BtVS tattoos.


2. The fic that got me into the fandom was Mile High Club by [ profile] merihn. I'd happened upon LJ and read some things but when I read this...I don't know...there was something about it. It was sweet and hot and I ended up reading everything of hers and when I was done I checked her flist and that's how I got to [ profile] ash_carpenter's journal. You know the rest from there : )

3. Since 9.23, I've only managed to watch one episode of SPN, Yellow Fever. I'm still upset.

4. My favorite SPN quote, which I find is the perfect balance of horrifying and so funny..."Yes! It's me. Lilith!" *clings to it*

5. I get so overly invested in fictional characters that I stop watching shows because I just can't stand it...House, Dexter, Millennium, X-Files, Hannibal, etc, etc. Sometimes I deliberately watch shows knowing they've been cancelled in the first season (Life, Raines, The Unusuals, The Dresden Files) so that I know I'll make it to the end : /

6. To my knowledge I have watched every single episode of Murder, She Wrote, including the Magnum PI crossover. I have an idea for a pitch to relaunch the series but I'm too scared to write it.

7. I own all but the three latest Stephen King books, including the pop-up version of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but I haven't read them all. But that's because I've read The Stand about 12 times.

8. I think Jared is just...well. I think Jensen is the perfect guy. But I would marry Ty Ollson in a heartbeat.

9. I used to be able to recite the Exorcizamus Te (long form from Jus in Bello) by heart but I've forgotten most of it. I need to practice.

10. Okay...desperate and the wine is kicking son really really looks like Jared a lot...with the hair and everything...although he's only 6'2"...and NO I'm not sending any of you perverts pictures! We don't talk about it.

I showed you mine...pull up those skirts, ladies : ) x
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Look it!!


I had the best time making this. [ profile] dapatty is an absolute joy to work with and I'm really hoping we can collaborate some more in the future : ) x
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The gorgeous [ profile] milly_gal posted some Gerald Butler earlier and my brain went straight here.

If you haven't seen RocknRolla, this is only spoilery for this bit of storyline which isn't exactly integral to the plot.
It is, however, one of favourite movie moments...

Sometimes if you ship it hard enough...nsfw for bad language )


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