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So, you know all those times I bugged you last year about maybe voting for me in the Love Bytes Review polls thingy...?

*bites fist*


Holy Moly! Home Is Where You Are made it through to the 2016 Book of the Year Poll on Love Bytes Reviews. Which is amazing!

It was properly gobsmacking to make it through the weekly and monthly rounds, so to see Caleb and Jacob's story up with all those other fantastic books at the end of the year is kinda crazy.

Obviously, if you would like to vote, that would be lovely. You can click Here, but mostly, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has bought, read and reviewed any of my books in 2016, thank you to everyone at Love Bytes who have been so supportive of my new venture, and thank you to everyone who voted for Home last year.

You guys are the best.



May. 23rd, 2016 08:42 am
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Happy Monday, y'all!

I'm feeling chipper...don't worry, it won't last : )

I has two questions today because, of course, you are my own personal think tank ♥

1 - I've had a proto-idea for a story. I want it to be m/m romance (obs) but one of the characters is...well...dead. I quite like the idea of a guy living in a house that has a ghost, but the ghost is crap at actually haunting, so they basically live together like room mates. Except they fall in love... And that's the problem. How do I get them their HEA/corporeal sexytimes?
The only time I've ever seen something like this that work was in The Jelly to his Doughnut by blacktofade (which I highly recommend even if Sterek's not your thing) But their elegant solution is theirs so...
Anyway, I've been mulling it over and I'm not getting anywhere. And you guys are faultless at shaking my brain loose, so I thought I'd ask : )

2 - Question about formats.

[Poll #2045477]

Anyhoo, that's it. The sun is shining on the south coast today. this probably accounts for the chipperness so early on a Monday morning : ) I hope you are all fine and dandy! Kisses xx
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I know I have some Destiel fans on my flist. I'm hoping some of you are on Facebook too.

My friend Catherine Lievens has just powered through Supernatural for the first time and loved it.

She's asking on FB for some Destiel fanfic recs, and I'd really love to be able to violently shake some sense into her point her in the right direction, but it's not my area.

So if you have a minute and a Facebook account and a page of Destiel recs or a good comm, please think about dropping her a link or two. She's lovely.

Thank you! <3 xx
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So as the New Year advances upon us like a herd of rabid alpaca...I'm off to bed.

I had intended to stay up but I'm suddenly tired and the asshats next door are already building up to something truly loud so, I think it's best that I'm unconscious before they get there.

Thank you all so much for getting me through this last year. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to spending the next twelve months with you all!!

I think if we wish hard enough, we can tulpa ourselves an excellent 2016 : )

See you on the other side!

Love your faces xxxxx
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So, as you may or may not know, my inbox is generally a mess. Hundreds and hundreds of comments and messages. The only person that is annoyed by this more than me is [ profile] somersault_j : )

In fact, she was so annoyed by it that she threatened that should I ever get it down to zero, she would write the Big Bang story that we have been talking about for the last two years.


In a effort to start the new year afresh, as a gift to my Darling Somer, who is one of the best, most pervert people I know, and as a gift to the rest of us once the Big Bang season comes around ; )...I present to empty inbox.

I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks scrolling back through my posts to try to catch any comments that need replies that I've missed but the inbox is technically and officially empty...

*except I just heard a notification bong...I bet you anything that's Milly!! : )

...and if you have sent me a question that I haven't answered, please do message me again. One of the reasons I decided to do this was I noticed comments coming in, but the number on my inbox staying the same, so it has been deleting messages that I was keeping to reply to.

I'm determined to keep on top of this in the coming year, and I know Somer will do her best to keep me in line. She has ways and means.

It's beautiful : )

Anyway. Love your faces!!!
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Lots of Birthday Thank You's : ) )

Anyway, Thank You for making my birthday feel so special. Truly do Love Your Faces!!! : ) xxx

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I'm outta here.

Have a fab time with the finale tonight. I won't be around for a bit, Well, I'm going to be avoiding my timeline anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon, but until then I'm gonna avoid social media for a bit. I know everyones going to have lots to say and I can't expect not to get spoiled so exile it is : )

Don't be doing anything crazy while I'm gone : )

Love your faces xxx
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Sometimes around this time of year I get a little sad that I'm not in a relationship, that I haven't been in one for some time, and that I can't even imagine being in one again.

And then I hear the asshole next door screaming at his girlfriend so loud that I'm actually a little afraid for her and think maybe I should call the police, and I realised I'm blessed!

Being with someone that loves and respects you is the most wonderful thing in the world. Being with someone for the sake of it is a living hell.

I'm really grateful to have you guys, and all the wonderful romantic, sexy, lovely fanstuff that you all make, and I'm grateful too for the douchenozzle next door for reminding me that sometimes, you're better off alone.

And I haven't even started drinking yet : ) *hugs you all tight* xxx
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Just wanted to do a quick pimp for my LiveStream thing, but moreso, the [ profile] wedraweveryday comm

If you like doing art or looking at art, come be with us! The aim is to draw something everyday, or everyday you can, and post something. There's tutorials and feedback and all kinds of art related stuff, not necessarily fannish, not necessarily drawing. Just art.

'S nice : )

Anyway, when I have the wherewithall to do a LiveStream, I'll probably just announce it on there coz crossposting is boring. But if you miss it, the videos stay on my channel for a month, I think, so you can go watch them there. I'm happy to take requests/concrit/cookies/suggestions to make the vids more interesting : )

<–– This is a button. Click it.
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holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

Spread the loving! Link me to yours and we can share all the anon kissy-face-ness that we can handle : ) ♥

Q&A 40

Nov. 17th, 2014 09:16 am
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A MEME! I love a meme.

Stolen from everyone coz bandwagons are the bestest : )

Pick a question, or as many questions as you want and comment with the number(s).

0: Height
1: Virgin?

2: Shoe size
3: Do you smoke?
4: Do you drink?
5: Have tattoos?
6: Relationship status
7: Want any tattoos?
8: Got any piercings?
9: Want any piercings?
10: Best Friend?
more Q&A here )
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Well, I figure until the candy runs out it's still sort of Halloween...sorry these are taking me so long : )

Anyway, this is the first part of the drabble fills for the Trick or Treat meme I posted *waves over her shoulder* that far ago : ) If yours isn't here, it's coming! Don't panic! Most of have ended up being dribbles, not adhereing at all to the 100 word thing, but tiny ficlets are just as delish : ) Hopefully they are amusing xx

[ profile] alycat prompted J2 halloween costume sex or Red/Lizzy hate sex

I went kinda obvious : ) Hope that's okay... )

[ profile] locknkey prompted Sam/Dean - costumes cursed

Well, I would, wouldn't I... )

[ profile] jj1564 prompted SPN Sam/Dean - Dean's first Hallowe'en after hell or teen!Sam/teen!Dean going to Hallowe'en party

Hope this is okay : ) )

[ profile] gatorgurl94 prompted Lizzy, Tom a la Maxwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" Or Mary's reaction to Dean's first Halloween

This turned a little dark...well, it is Halloween I guess : / )

[ profile] mdlaw prompted Sam/Dean....let's play dress up

Not sure this is exactly what you were after... )

[ profile] mangacat201 prompted SPN-Wincest. Clothing optional. (Yes, be creative with that. Also, have I mentioned how disturbingly turned on I am by Dean flipping the eyes? Seriously, disturbed and turned on should not be the same state of mind at any given time.)

Yeah, you might have mentioned it once or twice : ) )

[ profile] your_byron prompted J2 or Lizzy/Red or Red/Ressler

This is so cheesy, I'm so sorry ... )

[ profile] big_heart_june prompted i'm cheating, but anything rlbivob? pleeeeeease?

Not cheating : ) but also a reminder that I don't write for rlbivob. This is strictly AU and nothing to do with golden's work. )

[ profile] dreamsofspike prompted How about Cas blowing either Winchester's mind in a skimpy Halloween costume of your choosing? He has no idea what he did wrong; every other adult he's seen in costume (mostly girls) has been wearing suggestive costumes. :P hehe

Darling, this is absolutely not what you asked for, it's just the way it came out! )

[ profile] smalltrolven prompted How about Sam/Dean and something Halloween and Impala related.

How about that : ) )
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Originally posted by [ profile] sasha_dragon at A Call To Arms!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that this is alright to post here, in my ongoing struggle to get Supernatural screened in the United Kingdom this happened last night.

Supernatural in the UK )

I'm asking all the fan girls from the UK on this comm to go and have a little conversation with Neflix, let's see if we can bring the boys back to the United Kingdom.
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[ profile] milly_gal posted this earlier...our friend [ profile] wings128 could use a little help for her and her kids to have a place to live.

A woman's home is her castle! )

I do not have the means to help with money but hopefully this will help...

I will paint an oil painting (20x20cm) for the person who donates the highest amount before 31st October.

Doesn't have to be a fannish thing. Just donate and then let me know either in the comments or in a pm that you have placed a bid.


Also, I'm going to raffle two vouchers.

Donate to the site – even if it's just a fiver – and then add your name to the comments below (or pm me if you want to remain completely anon) and at the end of the month I will pull two names out of the hat! With the voucher you can claim a 5k podfic or a 2.5k fic or a digital artwork from me.


I know how hard it is to manage on so little and when you have kids to think gets very scary, very fast.
So, if you can help, I know she would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

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Yes, I'm awake at fact I've been awake for the last three and a half hours coz the fucking neighbours next door don't know how to use their INSIDE VOICE!


I need to make a decision about my ReverseBang, I've got two ideas in my head and I just can't choose. And then I figured that's what you guys are for!

I have a vague idea for a winged Sam and Dean, Dean unconscious with droopy wings and Sam struggling to fly up holding his lifeless body...or something. Little bit abstracted maybe...

Or Sam/Dean having a lazy day, both stretched out on the couch reading and holding hands, in boxers and Dean's wearing his glasses : )

What do you think? I'm also very open to more suggestions, as always : ) x

[Poll #1981085][Poll #1981085]

Oh Lordy...

Aug. 9th, 2014 04:58 pm
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GISHERS! We did it! Are you all in one piece? I feel totally destroyed, bemused and kinda grossed out at how much housework I'm going to have to do after leaving everything this week. My kitchen is disgusting.

Over at [ profile] spn_bunker, we're kinda celebrating as it was our team's first year and we're feeling pretty pleased that we managed to get so many things done. Anyway [ profile] brightly_lit posted these questions as a yeah. That. Or rather this...

What was the worst part? The clothespins. Definitely the clothespins. )
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Apparently, today is  EPSR Day! (everyone-post-something-random day...I may have just made that up...maybe...I didn't really put much thought into it to be fair...people said we have to post so I'm posting...I'm too tired to say 'no')

Tired and rambling random )


Jul. 4th, 2014 10:18 pm
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Some random bits : )

Random Stuff )

Also, Thank You so much to everyone who took part in the [ profile] fanworksauction for [ profile] marciaelena. Apart from any financial benefits, I hope she gets comfort from knowing how much all her fannish efforts and friendship have meant to everyone over the years. You guys rock so hard : )  ♥ x
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Jensen and Cillian
The [ profile] fanworksauction to help marciaelena closes today so this is your last chance to bid on some of the wonderful things on offer.

I'm offering podfic (although I think tif may actually fight you for it) and three pieces of art but there are a ton of other things available, including a rlbivob timestamp,  fic, art, beta and about a gazillion other things so get on over and bid like crazy...well...not too crazy but if you can help it would be wonderful : ) x


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