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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Although, everyday is Random Acts of Kindness Day in fandom, I guess : )

Anyway. I wrote a quickie blog post about it.

This is it.
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So, you know all those times I bugged you last year about maybe voting for me in the Love Bytes Review polls thingy...?

*bites fist*


Holy Moly! Home Is Where You Are made it through to the 2016 Book of the Year Poll on Love Bytes Reviews. Which is amazing!

It was properly gobsmacking to make it through the weekly and monthly rounds, so to see Caleb and Jacob's story up with all those other fantastic books at the end of the year is kinda crazy.

Obviously, if you would like to vote, that would be lovely. You can click Here, but mostly, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has bought, read and reviewed any of my books in 2016, thank you to everyone at Love Bytes who have been so supportive of my new venture, and thank you to everyone who voted for Home last year.

You guys are the best.

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Spend months crafting a story. Spend even more time promoting, and cajoling people to leave a like or a review or a comment.

Spend five fucking seconds drawing a frog. Post it on a bullet journal FB comm. 24hrs later...! Who knew people liked frogs so much! Maybe I should quit writing and take up full time doodling ; )

And yes, I've started bullet journalling : ) It's pretty awesome. I probably do a post about it soon x
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Title: Home for Christmas
Gifter: [ profile] alexisjane
Giftee: [ profile] meus_venator
Characters: J2
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4.7k
Warnings: PTSD, mentions of injury and death, sexytimes
Summary: Jensen can't sleep, and he can't stop running. Then he finds himself in a town called Christmas one snowy winter's night...

Notes: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Merry Christmas, Hun ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and many thanks to [ profile] masja_17 for the super quick emergency beta ♥♥

On AO3

Home for Christmas )
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Anyone else ever get those comments that just scare the shit out of you for no reason?
This made me proper lol. I was totally ready to get all defensive : ) x

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This was pretty much me all weekend. I successfully managed to avoid eye contact with Jordan Hawk for three days (Go Me!) although I did accidentally talk to Jay Northcote...she was really nice about it though : )

Gonna spend the day with me mam and try to decompress a little so I can start writing tomorrow in earnest. Knackered but inspired is a weird combination.

Your faces...I miss them ♥

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I think the fan in my iMac is busted. It's been getting scary hot and I suddenly realized that I can't hear anything like a fan going on with it. I'm guessing it's full of dog hair. Which means I'm going to have to send it away for repairs. I feel like I might die if it leaves this room...

Anyway...this happened...

Returning Home is live a little early! Still waiting on Amazon and D2D but AllRomance and Smashwords seem to be up, as is Payhip if you fancy 25% off.

Alternatively, I have a couple of ARCs left, so if you're quick and can leave a review at some point, you can get a free copy!

Links and stuff )

Hoping to god this part's alright, and the formatting is okay, and the files aren't corrupted, and I replaced all the proofing errors, and that I spelled the name of the book right...*weeps*

RH Coverjul26.jpg


Jul. 29th, 2016 11:40 am
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Just wanted to leave a quick note to say thanks so much to everyone who came to the release party thingy last night. It ended up being loads of fun! : )

Also, I'm leaving the giveaway post up on my blog until 9pm BST tonight. So, if you fancy winning a paperback copy of "Home...", just pop over and leave a comment so I can put your name in the hat** : ) xxx

**There won't be an actual hat...just so you know : ) xx
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Waiting for the dog to get home from her walk...

1. Do you like blue cheese? Yes. Especially in a sauce with broccoli and mashed potato.
2. Have you ever smoked? Like a chimney. Not now though.
3. Do you own a gun? No.
4. What is your favourite flavour? Depends on the context.
5. Do you get nervous before Doctor visits? Not really.
6. What do you think of hot dogs?

Random Questions... )

Dog's home! That was good timing : ) xx
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Okay, first off, this post has nothing to do with Penelope Pitstop. I just thought I'd make a post asking for help with something, and then her funny voice was in my head...hence the title.

Second. Googling images of Penelope Pitstop to use in this post for a little decoration was a BIG MISTAKE. Needless to say, my childhood is ruined : (

Thirdly...I just wanted to see if anyone fancied looking over my blurb for Book Four (Jebus) of the Alphas' Homestead thing. Book Two will be out soon and I wanted to put the blurb for B4 in the back, but it sounds funky to me. Not super attached to the title or the tagline...or any of it, frankly.

Bad Blurb Beneath... )

Also, I've tweaked the cover for Book now has 150% more nipple...which I hate but hopefully you will like.

Tweaked. Nipple. See what I did there. (That wasn't even on purpose : )

Okey Dokey! Definitely time for a cup of tea if I'm accidentally punning. Love your faces ♥
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This morning I finished the first draft of Returning Home. It's a week over schedule and 35k when I was aiming for 20k but it's done.

I had to do some social things today, which was knackering so I'll away to my bed soon, and I'm going to give myself tomorrow to do stuff like do the dishes, and vacuum, and perhaps even order dog food and pick up my asthma meds...y'know, the stuff that seems unimportant when your brain is consumed with the big questions like, did they eat kedgeree in New York in 1874.

I have a bunch of messages to answer and comments to reply to which I'll make a start on tomorrow but it might take me til Friday to get down to them all, as I have a beta to do and an arc review to get on with, which get priority as both those people have waited far too long already.

In other dog is still Wayward AF teeshirt guys have been super kind about my bb...I walked the dog with my flies open this evening...

Also, All Romance Books are having a sale thing, 50% off with a rebate thingy, so you can pick up loads of m/m books half price including Home... for $1.75. Clickety the picture to go there.


*coughs*also grab anything by Jordan L Hawke or Charlie Cochrane*coughs*

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July, 'Mercans! I wanted to find the clip of the Glowworm in James and the Giant Peach when they land in New York and she calls out "God Bless the colonies!" coz it's hilarious but I got nothing on YouTube. So, instead have this gorgeous version of the SSB.

Love your faces xxx
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Anyone up for a quickie read through of my BB?

Not to beta, just for sense. I'm unsure about the ending and I could do with some feedback before I send it out to my betas.

21.5k - NC-17 - J2au - age difference, violence, awkward sex, schmoop.

Kisses in advance xxxx

And more kisses...and maybe licks : ) xx
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Just a quickie to say...

...I have a non-RPF version of No Lie on my website for those of you that don't like that kinda thing. Just clickety the pic for the original fic : )

Also, I maaaay have had an idea for a sequel that doesn't have one of them dying horribly. So that's nice : ) x
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I haven't had much time to be around lately, so I've not been interacting much with the people that I normally do that kinda thing with. But then I was reminded – as I always am when I do a poll – that there are people seeing and reading my stuff that don't ever interact, or comment, or anything, for whatever reason they might have.

So, I just wanted to say, Hi Lurkers! ♥

Feel free to lurk, but if you're thinking about commenting and feeling nervous, remember that we don't bite.
Unless you specifically ask us to ♥ are appreciated regardless  xx

no title
^^ Selma showing her appreciation : ) ^^
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The dog that has been staying went home today. Usually Lily is relieved, but this time she's pining for him.

I, however, am relieved. Very fudging relieved.

I've got a week to finish this damn book. I'm behind, and feel like I'm flagging badly but I think I can do it. Only 20k to go. *cries* your faces...esp if they're anything like this : ) xxx

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Posted my snippet for this weekend on my blog thingy here. It's from chapter 2 of Little Werewolf House**

Was thinking whether anyone might be interested in participating in a fandom version of this? Maybe if we ask nice, the ladies at [ profile] spn_bunker might be interested in hosting it? Maybe? xx

** Please God, if you have any suggestions for a proper name, I'm eager to hear them. So far all I have is 'The Cabin' *yawn* xx
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*keeping fingers crossed that no more of my heroes shake off their mortal coil this week*

Two things!

1. Anyone got a couple of minutes to run their eyes over a 1k blog post today? I'm doing a guest post for someone and I just need a second pair of eyes to spot any major errors and to make sure I don't sound like a dick.

2. I haven't signed up for the spnj2bigbang yet. I'm really not sure if I should, as I have so much else to do, but then I was thinking I could use it to get down the sequel to I Stumble Forward...but I'm not sure whether people would be that bothered about reading that...opinions welcome, nay, encouraged.

Last week was a bust. I got nothing done and I'm trying not to be pissed at myself.
Lily's eye is no better. We're both getting a bit bored with eye ointment.
I've managed to not contract any illnesses for ten I'll probably get something this week : )
My kids came for dinner and it was lovely.
I'm almost 99% sure that the noisy neighbors have moved out!!
Papayas are my new favourite thing.

That's it. That's everything xxx

*sidles up to join the protective circle around Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan*
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OMG I just finished the last commission of the year, which means I am DONE! I have mailing to do but otherwise that's it! \0/

I'm feeling crazy positive about next year, health, writing and art-wise, so I just can't wait to clear the decks, do the festive thing and then get on with it!!

In the meantime : ) ...snaffled from everyone...

- Post a list of 10 of your favourite fandoms. (I don't think I have ten so here's...some)
- Have your friends list guess your favourite character(s) and pairing(s) from each fandom.

1. Supernatural - 8 characters, 2 pairings.
2. Teen Wolf - 6 characters, 1 pairing, 1 threesome
3. The Blacklist - 6 characters, 2 pairings.
4. Sherlock/Elementary (I like them both, shut up) - 6 characters, 1 pairing.
5. MCU - 7 characters, 2 pairings

Totally excited to go do some housework now!! : ) xxx


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