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I'm in bed but was gonna do this real quick. Self recs.

I was going to put my Xmas Fic I wrote for meus venator - - coz I really like these guys...but then the challenge is to rec three things!

I've been thinking about Sunday, Maybe Monday a lot - - probably going to work on it some more, turn it into a full length story. I miss those boys.

And I know it's not technically fannish but I made this pic for my Daniel and Elliott story and I just really love it! - - I can't use it for promo as I don't have the images rights but oh my heart...I really wish I did : )

Anyway. Sleep now. More tomorrow Xxx
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Chaps. I was up all night doing this...Chuck knows why...but now there are free PDF and mobi downloads of Something Beginning with "V" on my website. Coz formatting e-books is just my favourite thing in the world right now.   *coughs*procrastinating*coughs*

I'd tried to get the epub to work but the plugin was having none of it. I'll keep trying to fix that when I have a minute but in the meantime, if you want one, just email me and I'll send it over.

Anyway. Mad-panic month is nearly over! Just got to prep for UK Meet at the weekend...then actually get there and do the thing...then I'm free and clear 'til the New Year and beyond!! Cannot wait to get back to writing!

Hope you all are doing okay. Seriously miss your faces ♥
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Happy Birthday, Septembers_coda!!

I hope you have a fantastic day, Hunny, and that BL spoils you rotten! <3

Lots and lots of love...and an icon : ) xxxxxxx )
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So a while ago, I had a hankering to draw some Sterek. Then, I read a fic and it gave me a hankering for some Civil War Sterek. So I drew that.

Then the Teenwolf ReverseBang came up but I wasn't holding my breath that I would get the "they find pictures of themselves but from the 1860's" prompt that I asked for.

Then [ profile] write_light happened and OMG all my dreams came true!!

Please, please go and read the fic here. It's insanely wonderful...and just the beginning *bites fist* No, really this is story is so epic, there is lots more to come, and I get to do art for it  \0/
Art )
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Title - "You like that, Sammy?"
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Media - Digital animation
Warnings - Teenchesters, Bottom/Sam, Blow job

A/N - For [ profile] smpc Very tempted to put a somnophilia tag on this... : )

NSFW like whoa! )
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This Sunday is [ profile] smpc's Porn Pile, celebrating the second anniversary of the com. Everyone is invited to porn and as usual I'm leaving it til the last minute to get something together.

What I had in mind, as I don't have a lot of time, was to do some manips of your favorite porny stuff. You know my manips are often unintentionally ridiculous but I think they're funny, and porn is porn, right?

So, link me to your favorite porn pic or gif, or just leave it in the comments and hopefully by Sunday I'll have enough to make a little Sam/Dean-J2 porn post. And don't forget that everyone is invited to post something on Sunday. Details are here if you're thinking about participating.

I'm still laughing at this one : ) xx

Drive By

May. 13th, 2015 03:38 pm
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Me being a grumpy-pants )

In other news, still feeling the supergorgeous buzz of [ profile] soserendipity claiming my fic for the BB...and THEN getting to nab the wonderful [ profile] namichan89's story to do art for!! I'm so happy about that : ) may have...*coughs*SterekBB*coughs*...oops : )

Posting my DragonBB art later when I get the chance \0/

Still wondering whether or not to bother catching up with spn in time for the finale. They've killed off my favorite character...and not for story reasons either, just coz one of the higher ups wants to get the fangirls riled up so we talk about it in social media I'm guessing...but either way, finding it hard to find the motivation to watch it. Which is something I never thought I'd say. I'm tempted to start back at the beginning and do a complete watch through. I should catch up in time for the start of S11 : ) Yeah. Imma do that : )

Not even going to mention the inbox : /
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Title - Down Time
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Media - Graphite and white pencil on paper, plus some photoshop
Warnings - Bottom!Dean, Restraints, Post-spanking, h/c

A/N - For [ profile] smpc. This was supposed to be handcuffs and spanking for [ profile] wendy but then when I saw the ref pic for this, I just couldn't resist soft restraints and kissing! I hope this is okay, Hun : /

Plus, I like the idea that somehow the boys fall into a routine of stress relief, but they don't really know how it begins. Sam ties Dean up and spanks him until he's beyond begging him to stop. Then Sam kisses him until Dean's begging for something else entirely.

Down Time - NSFW )
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Title - Practice Makes Perfect
Pairing - Sam/Dean/Kevin
Rating - NC-17
Warnings - Graphic image, DP, bottom/Kevin, really NSFW at all.

A/N - For [ profile] smpc -  Something that should have been to go with mine and [ profile] ephermeralk's RBB Moonlighting which you can and should read here
I couldn't make it I'm thinking this is some time later...because we know the boys are perfectionists and Kevin wasn't going to take a break from translating without a damn good reason : )

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Title: Breathless
Prompt Song: Breathless by Dan Wilson
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: M
Warnings: Breath play, schmoop evil!Sam style : )

Art )
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Just wanted to do a quick pimp for my LiveStream thing, but moreso, the [ profile] wedraweveryday comm

If you like doing art or looking at art, come be with us! The aim is to draw something everyday, or everyday you can, and post something. There's tutorials and feedback and all kinds of art related stuff, not necessarily fannish, not necessarily drawing. Just art.

'S nice : )

Anyway, when I have the wherewithall to do a LiveStream, I'll probably just announce it on there coz crossposting is boring. But if you miss it, the videos stay on my channel for a month, I think, so you can go watch them there. I'm happy to take requests/concrit/cookies/suggestions to make the vids more interesting : )

<–– This is a button. Click it.
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Title - Curiouser and Curiouser
Pairing - none
Rating - U
Warnings - crack
Medium - digital

Notes - Drawn for the [ profile] super_disney 2015 challenge. I chose Alice In Wonderland as my prompt as a) I loooove that movie! and b) as soon as I saw it on the list I immediately thought of teen!Sam as Alice. I really wanted to try out some character design as I feel like it's something I hadn't tried before and I really liked the idea of a SPN/Alice mash-up : ) Ultimately, Alice!Sam I think it the least successful but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. I would have like to have done more but I kinda ran out of time : )

The Characters )Step by step of Whit Rabbit!Chuck )


Jan. 30th, 2015 03:13 pm
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tumblr_m60zxen4OZ1rq7u7fo2_250   tumblr_m60zxen4OZ1rq7u7fo1_250

Holy Crap.

All three RBB's are DOOOOONE!!! Up and posted.

I thought that was going to kill me.

Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Actually what might kill me is the Marvel Harlequin, Dragon BB, SMPC, Evil Sam Roulette, SuperDisney and a birthday drawing I need to get done...all by the 17th.


Oh, and I spoke to my gallerist yesterday and he wants some drawings too. Yay!...I think...

On the other hand, I read a wonderful Anne of Green Gables/Sterek fic last night *coughs* yes, it's 100k! Who needs sleep, right?
You need know nothing of AoGG and I actually think it works better if you don't know the TeenWolf background but either way, if you fancy dabbling in hyperglycemia this weekend, this is for you. It's so sweet, very nicely written, and fluff like...I can't even. It'll make you happy : )

Read it! Kindred Spirits

God. Three more weeks then this madness will be over...then there can be different madness : )
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accidentally on purposeTC2

Title: Accidentally on Purpose
Prompt Number: #E3014

Artist: alexisjane
Author: [ profile] visticuffs

Fandom/Genre: SPN RPS
Pairing(s): Gil/Osric
Rating: M
Word Count: 6668

Warnings: some homophobic and bigoted slurs (takes place in past) and misgendering

Summary: Gil isn’t great at conventions. He’s awkward and shy and doesn’t really know how to talk to fans, but Osric is always there to help him out. Their budding friendship (and maybe something more) gets put to the test when Gil makes an ass out of himself.

Read the Fic Here.

First of all, thank you so much to visticuffs for choosing my rare pair! Please go and check out her story, it's just so sweet and everything I could have hoped for my other OTP : )

The idea for this pic was really to look a little at the fine line between manip and digital painting, and to challenge myself to just use line to create something. I'm a fusser and an overworker when it comes to art so I really wanted to try to pare it down. Also, it was another foray into the more graphic style that I've been playing with.

The end plate...well, it's a spoiler but I just really wanted to : )

Anyway. Art : )

More artings...Ooooo, and a spoiler for the fic. )

Links are available on my deviantArt and also on my nsfw tumblr if you want to repost anything.
Please don't repost from here.

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Title: To Rise, We Must Fall
Prompt Number: #E3006

Artist: alexisjane
Author: [ profile] buticankarriyou

Fandom/Genre: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11k

Warnings: s10 au, violence, horror, blood!play, knife!play, boyking!sam, demon!dean
Summary: Sam wants to find Dean after he goes missing from his bedroom post 9x23. But when Sam does find his Brother, Dean is not as he used to be.  Sam wants to fix Dean, but Dean proposes a different idea.

Read the Fic Here.

Okay, first off I want to say a massive thank you to Karri for choosing my picture. I have been the nightmare artist that everyone complains about and she has been so patient and sweet...please, please go check out her story, I know she's worked really hard on it.

I'm not going to say a lot about this just...boys with wings : )

I kept some screenshots of the making of...I've been watching a lot of photoshop tutorials and trying to think a little less fine art and more graphic novel. Not sure how that's going but I really enjoyed making this picture. There's a couple of close ups but you should be able to zoom in on the final pic to get a better look.

The decision to add a parchment texture to the title card was last minute but I'm pretty happy with it.

Anyway...wings : ) x

Stages of development )Couple of close ups )


Links are available on my deviantArt and also on my nsfw tumblr if you want to repost anything.
Please don't repost from here.

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Title: Moonlighting
Prompt Number: #E3017

Artist: [ profile] alexisjane
Author: [ profile] ephermeralk

Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/Slash
Pairing(s): Sam/Kevin/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4.2k

Warnings: DP, alcohol consumption, virginity
Summary: Kevin’s not really sure why Dean’s taken him for a guy’s night out when Sam’s nowhere to be found. Especially when they wind up at a Vegan strip club .

Read the wonderful fic here!

More of the same... )


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