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Things I have learnt whilst not having the internets

I cannot look up the number of the service that can come fix my router...because my router is broken.
I don't know what circle of hell that is but oh my god, my brain nearly shortcircuited.

My 3G phone does not get 3G in the house...

I cannot watch TV...
or listen to music...
or use my printer (fuck knows where that cable is)...

I cannot check the weather to see if it's safe to walk the dog without getting drenched...
I cannot fact check anything if I want to write some fic...
I cannot source photos to do artwork...
My DVD collection seems to consisted almost entirely of Japanese horror, Gerald Bulter and RDJ...

It was basically me and the (wet) dog sitting in a room for 3 days, feeling like the rest of the universe had evaporated.

I didn't like it.

I also learnt that when the new router arrives, the sticker that says "Takes 20 minutes to set up the best communication" really doesn't take into account how motivated a fangirl can be if she knows there's a season opener waiting out there in the ether : )
90 seconds, bitches!

I know it was only a few days but I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I watched the ep in a rush coz OMG I needed it but....
what passes for a 10.01 reaction )

I'm gonna watch it again later when there's no screenglare and my brain is actually working, I'm sure there's more intelligent stuff to be said. I'm also sticking to the rule from last season and not reading any reaction posts. It only takes one comment for me to lose my mind so in the spirit of happiness, best not : )


It's so nice to be home : ) xx
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If this is true, and given that Robbie Thompson is writing it I can imagine it is, then the show runners can just go fuck themselves.

Can't think of anything worse right now.

Spoilers for 10.5... )

It might be fine. It might be hilarious. Not holding my fucking breath though. Praying its a hoax.

Not happy x


Jun. 24th, 2014 08:35 am
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Okay...I think I've sufficiently recovered enough from 9.23 that I can start thinking about looking at things SPN again without bursting into tears and I want to start my watch through (Hellatus I usually start from the beginning...I know, I know but it wasn't such an mission in the days waiting for *gulps* I can do it, I can) BUT as always my brain is making life way more complicated than it needs to be.

Because I need screencaps for art refs, and because I need research for my MiniBang, and because I need shots for a vid, and because I want to write a meta thing about John, I figure this time I need to make some notes and stuff as I watch...except I'm not quite sure how to organise that or how to even begin to start to organise that. So I'm just not doing it. And I need to. Time is short and stuff like I need to watch the whole of S1 before I can start on my MiniBang makes it kinda urgent.

So if you have any organizational tips or just wanna give me a good 'ole kick in ass, I know you love that kinda thing ; )

And how do you keep track of your images or vid clips? Or are there any cool online resources for this sort of stuff that you've come across that help? I'm always amazed how some of you can just pull an image out of the air when it would take me twenty minutes just to find the right folder on my desktop.

Anyway...that's it really. Imma go vacuum now : ) x
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Dear [ profile] spn_summergen writer,

*waves* Hello!  Thank you so much for writing me a lovely fic! I cannot for the life of me remember what the prompts were that I submitted. I think I made them vaguely vague but feel free to interpret them as you fancy.

I don't really have a laundry list of what I do or don't want. I guess I'm Bi-Bro although Dean is my Honey, and don't enjoy character bashing (no Becky though!! We don't mention Becky). If you have a look on my profile, I have a list of things I do and don't like there, and a list of some of my favourite fics and authors that might give you an idea of the sort of thing I like. I'm currently mildly obsessed with One Small Step and my "if you could one have one fic" would be A Life Most Ordinary : )

I guess really I like stories and I think the best ones happen if the writer is enjoying it and having do that! Write something that you like and I'm sure I will love it.

I don't know if that helps...: /

You can always quiz me through the mods if you want.

Good Luck!

AJ x
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Title - The Grave
Pairing - Gen
Rating - PG
Disclaimer - These are my words but all my base are belong to Kripke, Sera, Ben or whoever so don't sue me. It's just for fun.
Word count - 570
Warnings - Spoiler to S9, self indulgent poetic nonsense, not cheerful but hopeful.

A/N -  This was written for the Bi-Bro Challenge over  at [ profile] spn_bunker, promoting harmony and understanding between SamGirls and DeanGirls during the difficult events of S9. This came out of a conversation that I had with someone (for the love of god, raise your hand, I couldn't have done this without you but I'm senile and can't remember anything) that basically went something like...

"...being buried inside the bunker isn't a good environment for our boys...maybe they'd sort out their differences better and quicker out on the open road without doors to shut each other out."
"Yes, I guess before it was all about them being shut in together, in the car, in motel rooms..but now they have the space to shut each other out, all those walls and doors. Not good."

A thousand hugs and all the cookies are owed to the ever wonderful [ profile] fannishliss who takes my ugly words and forces them to make sense. Anything that is wrong with this is my doing. She's wonderful. Thank you so much, Hunny ♥

The Grave )


May. 9th, 2014 07:59 pm
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Thank you so much, my Darlin's, for your response to my post about f-locking my journal yesterday.

Everyone pretty much said the same thing so I'm being utterly lazy and replying to you all like this : )
I think you're right, locking it does limit meeting new friends but also it's a good plan to keep anything that could potentially give away the RL me, under wraps.

I think for me the issue is, where do I draw the line? My solution has been to set my default to friends only so I have to ask myself, do I really want everyone seeing this? rather than the other way around. Originally this was supposed to be a fic-only journal (yeah, right) so I think editing my posts a bit can't hurt. All y'all on the list are still going to have to put up with my drivel though : )

In other news...
BB : / )
9.21 - Gavin )

I'm sure there's other stuff...oh, yes! If you all wouldn't mind giving [ profile] ephermeralk a big sloppy kiss on the mouth for emailing me in a panic to tell me my journal had been deleted today...we both burned up a few calories over that one! I'm going to spend the evening backing everything up : )

Love you meeses to pieces ♥ x
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Back before the beginning of time...well when I first join LJ in October...I wrote these short ficlets prompted by this post on Pinterest. I'm currently re-jigging my Masterlist and decided to tidy these up a bit by sticking them in the same post...for reasons...except it won't let me so there's a link at the bottom to another page.
12648 words over 20 ficlets
I'm grouping them kinda by rating, also for reasons...
They are unbeta'd and there are spoilers and Wincest galore...that's the only warnings you're guessed it...for reasons...: ) x

PG-ish )

(All The Rest)
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second glance cover
Title: Second Glance
Author: [ profile] ygrawn
Cover Art: alexisjane
Reader: [ profile] alexisjane
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Length: 27 mins 55 s
Warnings: non-graphic implied m/m sex, language, implied underage, spoilers up to 1.22, Wincest
Summary: John is only ever a second glance to his boys, who see each other first, always first, with little room at the edges of their vision for anybody else.

Readers Notes: This is one of my most favourite fics but in 4,600 words there are only nine full stops so I'm really hoping that it translates okay to the audio format.

Listen Here [mp3] [m4b]
Read Here

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the sound of my own voice. Don't sue me. It's purely for fun and no profit is made from this recording.
Music Credit - The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
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If you were traumatised in any/everyway by 9:20 (yup, even me) this will make it all better. 2mins 50 secs of perfection.

[ profile] ash48 She rocks x

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spoilers for S9 also S7...and actually not a review at all )

So, in summary, it's a tv show about two unfeasibly beautiful men doing unfeasible things, in unfeasible situations. And if you squint, there's porn.  It makes me happy. What's not to love! : ) x

Oh God...

Apr. 2nd, 2014 08:54 pm
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So I thought I was mildly fucked this morning when I got my springfling assignment through. I stared at it half the day, blank-brained and panicking, and then this evening, with the aid of gyoza, I had a breakthrough and I think I've come up with something that might be okay.

Ten minutes later I get my remix redux assignment.

So, yeah. Utterly fucked.

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Supernatural fans are hilarious.

An episode with a monster in it! Outrage!
Dramatic conflict between the two main characters! What are the writers thinking!
Using tropes and themes that have been in the show since day one! How very fucking dare they!
Making a sci-fi show that isn't to Hemmingway standards! *flips table in disgust*

Get a grip.
Spoilers and the use of the word 'smegma' in unusual circumstances. )
'Sweet Potato' is my new safeword : ) x


Jan. 28th, 2014 09:46 pm
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I didn't write a reaction post to last weeks ep. because I think everything that I thought had been said bar one thing.
Well, maybe two.

Tim Omundson. Blows. My Mind.

Even though he's been in fucking everything apparently, I only knew him from Psych, in which he is extremely funny and even though the show is flagging a bit IMO (apart from 8:02 which I just watched and is Hi.La.Ri.Ous), he always delivers.

Then I saw him in The Booth At The End.
This is the show. THE show.

If I could have only ever written one tv thing (movie- In Bruges. book - The Stand) , it's this. As far as I'm concerned it is one of the most perfect pieces of story telling ever. If you haven't seen it, beg, borrow or stream it where ever you can. It's almost definitely not for everyone. Originally made as a series of 7 minute(?) long webisodes, it's performed almost like a play, interweaving the stories of several people who never actually meet into a web of horrfying, beautiful, uplifting devastating complex storylines that merge and's awesome. I think they were then bunched together and shown on SciFi(?) in three eps. Season 2...not as good but ready to donate an organ if need be for S3.

Anyway, Tim Omundson is in that. And when I saw him walk on, I was really not sure and fully expecting the same sort of character as in Psych. Fuck me. He was a different person. I really, his physicality, his voice, it was like  he had a brother or something that was just filling in. It was astounding.

And then again in 'First Born'. He's just staggering. And it's not just the beard...okay, it's a bit the beard. He has prescence and strength and is quite frankly fucking scary. He is just amazing. I'm so, so glad they got him for this. The casting guys should get a medal, a great big huge shiny medal that you can peel the foil off and it's chocolate underneath...but ginormous ; )

I thought he was really good. I want more of him. Lots more.

Now the actual thought.

What do you mean you haven't seen it? FFS Keep Up! (spoilers) )
Anyway, watch this and tell me you don't long for a another season like that.

That was it.
Tuesday x
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 15

In your own space, create your own challenge. What’s something you want to see more people doing in fandom? Is there something fun you’ve tried that you think other people would enjoy if they gave it a go? Dare your friends to try it out, and have fun with it.

Finally. An easy one : )

I have a couple of RL friends who are interested in the writing I do and because I rave about you guys, the writing you do but they don't watch the show so it's really hard to show them stuff that we've done as they have no idea what the hell is going on.
It's not so much the subject matter but also the vocabulary. Say 'pudding' or 'Tuesday' or 'suicidal Teddy Bear' to them it means something but not the something it means to us.
So I was hoping to do some kind of "Fics For Friends" thing, trying to get people to write something, nothing major, just a ficlet or something un-taxing that could involve the fandom but that could be easily read by people who still insist on calling the show "Superficial" and not as a joke...just because they don't pay attention and really don't care to.

So that's the challenge. To write a fic that anyone could read, that doesn't require nine years of backstory to understand it.

Easy Peasy : ) x


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