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For anyone who's interested...

I've written a short Valentine story over on RJ Scott's blog today. It's from the Alphas' Homestead series, set kinda after Book Two, I guess.

If you haven't read the books yet, it's only a little spoilery, and gives a taste of what the series is like. Also, you can win a free book!

RJ has had a whole bunch of guest posts this month so it's worth going just to check out some other authors stuff.

Anyway — Be My Valentine — clickety for adorable boys

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Anyone else ever get those comments that just scare the shit out of you for no reason?
This made me proper lol. I was totally ready to get all defensive : ) x

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For half an hour tonight, starting at 9pm BST (1pm EDT, 4pm PDT, I think) I'll be at Victoria Sue's release party on Facebook talking about Home Is Where You Are, werewolves, and...well, whatever you want to talk about, I guess.

I've never done one of these before but I think readers just come by and ask questions and we chat...? I don't even know. So if you have time to drop by, it would be nice to see some friendly faces : )

Also, I'll be doing a giveaway of a paperback and some other swag thingies...which may or may not be an incentive : )

Anyway. That's where I'll be. Hope you can pop by xx


May. 23rd, 2016 08:42 am
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Happy Monday, y'all!

I'm feeling chipper...don't worry, it won't last : )

I has two questions today because, of course, you are my own personal think tank ♥

1 - I've had a proto-idea for a story. I want it to be m/m romance (obs) but one of the characters is...well...dead. I quite like the idea of a guy living in a house that has a ghost, but the ghost is crap at actually haunting, so they basically live together like room mates. Except they fall in love... And that's the problem. How do I get them their HEA/corporeal sexytimes?
The only time I've ever seen something like this that work was in The Jelly to his Doughnut by blacktofade (which I highly recommend even if Sterek's not your thing) But their elegant solution is theirs so...
Anyway, I've been mulling it over and I'm not getting anywhere. And you guys are faultless at shaking my brain loose, so I thought I'd ask : )

2 - Question about formats.

[Poll #2045477]

Anyhoo, that's it. The sun is shining on the south coast today. this probably accounts for the chipperness so early on a Monday morning : ) I hope you are all fine and dandy! Kisses xx
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The dog that has been staying went home today. Usually Lily is relieved, but this time she's pining for him.

I, however, am relieved. Very fudging relieved.

I've got a week to finish this damn book. I'm behind, and feel like I'm flagging badly but I think I can do it. Only 20k to go. *cries* your faces...esp if they're anything like this : ) xxx

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Originally posted by [ profile] write_light at Stop everything and WATCH (even if not your fandom)

This is genius vidding - a perfectly edited blend of Teen Wolf and a rollicking Broadway musical song and IT WORKS SO WELL.

Hilarious, and impressive, even if it's not your fandom.  Watch anyway.  GO ON you have nothing better to do. It won't hurt you.  :D

DW X-post: Comments loved! :) comment count unavailable at DW.
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You couldn't plan it better...

In other news, hellatus is over. Apparently. But as I haven't watched anything since...Bad Boys?...I shall be ducking out to -

- I was going to say "avoid spoilers" like I haven't been spoiled already : )

Which is why I stopped watching in the first place. Twitter...bless it's heart.

So, yeah, I'll be around, just maybe not around.

Love your faces!! Have fun! xx
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I'm druuuunk...[ profile] wings128 made me do it.

Anyway, I randomly friended some guy on facebook and they just posted this and it's AWESOME!

Forget Ask Me Anything...this is hilarious. Although I do hope the guy is getting danger money for having to drink that much wine in one go : / Some are funnier than others but omg I've laughed so much...and watch right to the end : )


Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In other news, it's taken me so fucking long to post this, you wouldn't even believe it!! Bed now.

: ) xxx


Sep. 5th, 2015 06:44 pm
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...I was just thinking about The Mousetrap, y'know the Agatha Christie play that's been running in the West End since the Norman Invasion. I went a few years ago and it was fab, except for the lingering worry that I spoiled the ending for the woman sitting behind me, by wildly throwing out theories during the interval, only to have one of them be right : /



At the end of the play, the audience is sworn to secrecy about the story, and it's so good I can't imagine why anyone would give it away...but then I was thinking...

If you wrote something that was basically The Mousetrap, do you think would they even bother to sue you for plagerism, as doing so would reveal the plot of the play that's been running on secrecy for more than 60 years?

Asking for a friend.


Aug. 9th, 2015 02:03 pm
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I wasn't able to participate much this year but I did get a couple of things done.

My contributions )

Gigantic thank you to all the Bunker of Doom team members who always make this such fun, and for picking up my slack when I had to bail on all y'all. You truly rock!!


Jul. 19th, 2015 02:47 pm
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I finished my tax return this morning! So, now I'm anticipating the arrival of the Math Police any second to throw me in the slammer for not being able to add up right, and for claiming £3.70 for a bus ticket even though it's so faded it's only just legible, and what the hell do I think I'm doing, including double sided tape that I could be using for anything...

I may be slightly paranoid.

So, I mermaided myself while I wait for them to arrive.

Might be fuzzy coz I had to screenshot it coz it wouldn't save. I'd love to say it's uncannily accurate... : ) xx
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For [ profile] chomaisky

Weeeell, for all of us really but I couldn't help but think of her.

Website is so close to being done. My head is fried, my eyes are on stalks and I ate most of a cheesecake.

Good times.

Piggers xxx


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