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Anyone else ever get those comments that just scare the shit out of you for no reason?
This made me proper lol. I was totally ready to get all defensive : ) x

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Title - After the Hunt
Pairing - Sam/Dean or J2...whatever
Rating - NC-17
Media - Manip
Warnings - Very Explicit Graphic NSFW-ness

A/N - For smpc ...apologies for the lacklustre effort this week. I tried to get a pencil drawing done but it was just going so badly I had to whip these bad boys up instead. I hope they suffice.

Very, Very NSFW like Whoa! )
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I know I have some Destiel fans on my flist. I'm hoping some of you are on Facebook too.

My friend Catherine Lievens has just powered through Supernatural for the first time and loved it.

She's asking on FB for some Destiel fanfic recs, and I'd really love to be able to violently shake some sense into her point her in the right direction, but it's not my area.

So if you have a minute and a Facebook account and a page of Destiel recs or a good comm, please think about dropping her a link or two. She's lovely.

Thank you! <3 xx
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Title - No Monster Here
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Word count - 2295 words
Warnings - Um...just Wincest, I think.
A/N - For [ profile] smpc. Beta'd by the wonderful [ profile] majestic_duxk. Any remaining mistakes are mine. A thank you for [ profile] wings128 for taking time out of her big project to help me with mine...and a bit of an early birthday present : ) xx

On AO3

This started as a comment fic.

[ profile] wings128 posted this picture...

...and said...

This could be a no-tell-motel shower, couldn't it?
Although the water pressure looks too good.
Do I see the glint of a Winchesterly wedding band?
Someone will write me fic, won't they?

So, I said...

Ooooo, like the boys having to pretend they're married on a case, but Dean really suffering, not just with the usual guilt about how he feels about his brother, but that Sam seems to be totally comfortable with holding his hand, pecking quick chaste kisses to Dean's stubble, and all the loving, heated looks that are tearing Dean up inside.

...It kinda escalated from there... )


Sep. 5th, 2015 11:18 am
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Anyone up to beta 2k of PWP Wincest, with questionable tense issues and a dubious ending? Anyone? Need to post in 22 hours but it's short. Also porn.

manip by whomadethatup, I think : /
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So, my mom is doing her best to out me as a gay porn writer and I was sad about [ profile] milly_gal made me a lovely fraternal incest banner art thing to cheer me up!!

She succeeded by the way (and if you don't hear "that's what she said" in Dean's voice after that sentence, you might wanna reconsider why you're here)

Naked man parts and such... )
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So, Lynn Anderson died, which is sad. Rose Garden is one of those songs that I love but also resent for being such an ear worm -- once I hear it I can't stop singing it!

But then all roads lead to Wincest...

H/c mini-ficlet or prompt if anyone one wants it : ) )
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Title - "You like that, Sammy?"
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Media - Digital animation
Warnings - Teenchesters, Bottom/Sam, Blow job

A/N - For [ profile] smpc Very tempted to put a somnophilia tag on this... : )

NSFW like whoa! )
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Title - Down Time
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Media - Graphite and white pencil on paper, plus some photoshop
Warnings - Bottom!Dean, Restraints, Post-spanking, h/c

A/N - For [ profile] smpc. This was supposed to be handcuffs and spanking for [ profile] wendy but then when I saw the ref pic for this, I just couldn't resist soft restraints and kissing! I hope this is okay, Hun : /

Plus, I like the idea that somehow the boys fall into a routine of stress relief, but they don't really know how it begins. Sam ties Dean up and spanks him until he's beyond begging him to stop. Then Sam kisses him until Dean's begging for something else entirely.

Down Time - NSFW )
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Title - No Burden
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words but all my base are belong to Kripke, Sera, Ben or whoever so don't sue me. It's just for fun.
Word count - 2.5k
Summary - Sam gets hurt. Dean fixes him up. Again.

A/N - Written for [ profile] spnspringfling and all-the-damned's prompt "bruised knees". I think this fits kinda nicely into my headcanon 'verse : ) Love and hugs to [ profile] wings128 for the super quick beta. All remaining mistakes are mine.

No Burden
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I've been having a massive crisis of confidence about my writing.

I haven't really wanted to talk about it as I think it's perfectly normal and I've been trying not to let it get to me. But it's hard when I feel like I don't have the time to properly concentrate on my WIPs so they're rushed and scrappy, and the BB is just endless and wholly unsatisfying to write at the moment. I've been dragging my feet with it as I can't stand writing when every word is vile. And it has to be that way as that's just how my first drafts come out but editing seems like it's a lifetime away and I just...hate it.

And then this morning I received a comment on my BB from last year, on AO3 and...Christ, I cried. It was stranger, which shouldn't make a difference but I think it does as they have no reason to be nice to me. And they were just so complimentary and invested in the characters and the story. They really connected with it emotionally and they asked for more.

I feel like I couldn't ask for anything better. It really helped to remind me that I may not be the best writer but I can tell a story that people want to read when I put my mind to it. It feels like a weight has be lifted and I'm actually looking forward to getting down to my BB this afternoon and making some headway.

Anyway, it made me really think.


When you read something someone has taken the time to write, please leave a little comment to let them know.

Even if you thought it wasn't all that, pick out a positive thing about it and say something nice.

If you don't have time to write a gushing review, just a smily face could make their day.

If you want to lurk, that's cool. But just a little wave to say you appreciate someone taking the time - to write 2.5k of Samstiel, 100k of crossover gen or some chibi!J2cowboys or whatever you find that makes you smile - doesn't mean you have to give up your anonymity. We won't hunt you down.

Writing is hard. Art is hard.

Typing : ) or ♥ in the comments takes less than two fucking seconds. And it can make so much difference to the way someone is going to feel that day.

Anyway. That's it. Rant over.

And thank you to everyone who comments on my stuff. You lovely enablers, you ♥ xxx

no title
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Title - Practice Makes Perfect
Pairing - Sam/Dean/Kevin
Rating - NC-17
Warnings - Graphic image, DP, bottom/Kevin, really NSFW at all.

A/N - For [ profile] smpc -  Something that should have been to go with mine and [ profile] ephermeralk's RBB Moonlighting which you can and should read here
I couldn't make it I'm thinking this is some time later...because we know the boys are perfectionists and Kevin wasn't going to take a break from translating without a damn good reason : )


Ship Meme

Feb. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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As with all the best things, I'm stealing this from [ profile] wings128 : )

If you're not sure which shows I watch you can check my interests on my profile, and of course rlbivob is always allowed. If you want to pick a Wincest flavour (ie. Teenchesters, or whatnot) that's cool too : )

Comment with a Ship and I'll tell you...

who holds the umbrella when it rains
who is the grumpiest in the morning
who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
who plays pranks on the other
who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
who insists on creating nicknames for the other
who drools on the other when they’re asleep
who says ‘I love you’ first


Feb. 3rd, 2015 09:04 pm
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So, my relaxing evening, quietly drawing, somewhat ruined by the neighbours TV being so loud, whatever rape scene they were watching triggered me into a panic attack.

Good times.
Haven't had one of those in a while.

Now playing Zepplin so loud, it's actually hurting my head but they might get the message. Not holding my breath though.

In other news...

The Show )

Criminal Minds - spoilers for 10.13 )

The Listener )

Inbox at....I'm not even gonna say coz Somer will stroke out ♥ I'm getting there though : )

Love your faces x
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Title: Moonlighting
Prompt Number: #E3017

Artist: [ profile] alexisjane
Author: [ profile] ephermeralk

Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/Slash
Pairing(s): Sam/Kevin/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4.2k

Warnings: DP, alcohol consumption, virginity
Summary: Kevin’s not really sure why Dean’s taken him for a guy’s night out when Sam’s nowhere to be found. Especially when they wind up at a Vegan strip club .

Read the wonderful fic here!

More of the same... )
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Okay I don't have to post my [ profile] smpc til next month but I have six, yes! SIX, fannish art deadlines to meet before then and I cannot be arsed to decide what to draw.

So...prompt me.

- it must be J2 or Sam/Dean
- must be NC-17 obviously
- don't mind who tops
- can be for a fic if you want

The only thing I won't draw is extreme underage. I prefer the boys to at least look 16.
And poop. No poop.

Throw some suggestions at me or maybe some ref pics, I might even do a poll so you can vote on the favorite! I love polls!!

In conclusion. Porn.
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9th Dec: dizzojay - Which is your favourite character in Supernatural and your least? Why?


So, other than the devilishly suave guy in the gif and his man-mountain of a brother...
hearts for eyes : ) )
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Okay, I'm sharing this for two reasons.
First, omg beautiful pictures!
Second, (I can hardly say it) in the comments...[ profile] riyku and [ profile] homo_pink talking fic ideas *bites fist*
It's very early in the morning and I'm really not awake yet but I actually cried. My two favorite writers doing words and stuff together. It makes me emotional, okay!

Anyway...pretty : ) x

Originally posted by [ profile] riyku at guess i've always had a thing for shaggy-headed boys
there's a story behind this, or a story inside of this, but recently i posted a photo on twitter to try to inspire a certain someone to write a certain thing, and then i was out and about with [ profile] cherie_morte and we started talking about said photo, and i accidentally let it be known that i have a whole folder of photos i thumb through from time to time when i'm thinking about what to write and how to write it, and she accidentally let it be known that it might be a good idea to share, and here you have it. it's pre-series and it's wincesty, at least in my head.


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