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Jun. 26th, 2015 10:03 am
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Very proud of Sean Conroy becoming the first openly gay professional baseball player. It shouldn't have to be such a big deal and now hopefully now, because of his willingness to take the backlash, it means we're getting closer to the day it won't have to be.

But why, oh why, did he have to be a pitcher?

I honestly thought I was going to have an aneurysm, I've been laughing so hard! The picture of him shaking hands with the catcher just...I can't stop, I just can't!

No more Sterek baseball slash fic for me. I'm a horrible person.

Article Here
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Title - It Keeps Coming Back To This...
Pairing - Jared/Jensen
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words. Characters that bear the names of actors in this story have no relation to the real life people of the same name. They simply have the misfortune to be cast in my sordid little tale. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 6856
WIP - 6/?––  MasterPost
Warnings - A/O, hints of D/s, older!Jared/younger!Jensen, allusions to bullying and discrimination, inaccurate depictions of US highschool and baseball, on-screen sexytimes...sorry

Summary - Not Looking 'Verse - Jared and Jensen wake up, mated...and all they know about each other are their first names. - Jared is lying to Jensen...but maybe Jensen's not being entirely honest either.

A/N - Sorry this one took a while. I'm going to try to keep up with the one-a-month thing but I also need to get my BB done as well, so...I'll do my best : )
Hopefully, y'all saw the retcon notice last time - Jared is now an ex baseball player, not football as previously hinted at. Also, I know nothing about baseball so if anyone can help me out with that it would be much appreciated. Like a lot.
Also...I'm so sorry about Issac sneaking in here : / It was supposed to be an OC but then he started talking...this is not going to be a crossover or anything,'s Issac! He's so cute! I couldn't help it!
All the love and cookies to somersault_j and [ profile] skeletncloset for the wonderful beta jobs! Any remaining mistakes are mine, please point them out so I can fix them!

<<<<< Don't Cry Because It's Over...

It Keeps Coming Back To This... )
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So, I've realised I've made a major mistake in my WIP. I initially made Jared an ex-NFL player and football scout, coz *shrugs* whatever.

NOW, I realise this was a horrible mistake.

I really don't like American Football. I don't like the way it's played, I don't like the uniforms, I don't like the whole attitude that goes with it. It's just not my thing.

So trying to research it over the last week, is making me unhappy.

HOWEVER, I do I like the history, I like the uniforms, I get the rules and the whole excitement behind it. I used to play softball so I have a little muscle memory too of stepping up to bat and praying you don't make an ass of yourself, and the relief of crossing home plate. I know very little about America's favorite pastime but getting to research that would be a joy. I've promised myself that the next time I come to the US that I will make sure I get to go to a game and experience the whole sitting in the stands thing : )

SO, I think I'm going to have to retcon. Majorly retcon.

But how should I do that? I was just going to say a thing at the start of the next chapter, but then should I go back and edit the previous parts to change all the football references? Or should I leave it? But then it would be less confusing to new readers, but is that okay to do?


Either way, I think Jared was a pitcher, probably a closer.

And baseball is sexy : ) x


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