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That thing where you're tracking your word count and you feel stupid having to put down "14" for your day total but then you know those words were damn good. That.


Aug. 9th, 2015 02:03 pm
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I wasn't able to participate much this year but I did get a couple of things done.

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Gigantic thank you to all the Bunker of Doom team members who always make this such fun, and for picking up my slack when I had to bail on all y'all. You truly rock!!
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1st Dec: [ profile] ephermeralk - Favorite Mexican food/ what would you want to try if you were actually IN Mexico and/or an ode to nachos

Yay for food questions!

My experience of Mexican food is thusly...bearing in mind I can't eat spicy foods. I want to, I just can't. And yes, I know you get used to it if you persevere and all that, but this I used to be able to but after a course of hospital treatment I just don't seem to be able to get my throat to do anything other than violently

I like nachos. Some pubs serve them here and they're always a good thing to get but I don't know how authentic they are. They generally have chili, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and stuff on which I really like...except I don't like that it's not evenly distributed...or that I have to share. But the nachos, I like.

I like burritos. My son discovered burritos when a small Mexican take out place opened around the corner from us and for a while it was all burritos all the time. Except they were too much food. I can eat a lot and I could eat a whole burrito but oh god...I would have to lie in the floor for about four hours afterwards. But..delicious. Eat half, you say? Don't be ridiculous!

I went to a Mexican restaurant with a friend. We hadn't been before but apparently it was supposed to be really authentic, wonderful Mexican food. I had swordfish. I love swordfish. It was inedible...and I'll eat anything. Also, how do you screw up swordfish! My friend had something meaty with a chocolate sauce. It was horrible. Like really disgustingly horrible.

I just thought the restaurant was bad but then my other friend who had spent a long time traveling around Mexico said that actually the food was pretty bad so it could have been on purpose.

Thus ends my experience with Mexican food.

If I were in Mexico, I would try everything! I love food and I like trying new things, so as long as it wasn't too spicy, it would be in my mouth. Yeah, they might be some ick, but you never know what's going to become your most favorite food in the world so you have to try! : )

I couldn't do an ode...

A Haiku to Mexican Food.

Nachos are so good.
Burritos make me happy.
No, not too spicy.


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