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Any New Yorkers able to help me with a little location scouting? Google Earth is being a shitbag and I may start screaming if I have to look at it's stupid face anymore. I figured maybe I should just ask you all before I start ripping my flesh from my bones : )

My MC is walking home from a crappy bar on Halloween night late. He feels pretty safe. I need him to either cross a bridge or walk close to something tall where he finds someone sitting "looking at the view" although he suspects they might have been thinking about jumping. The two of them then go to a diner, then back to the MC's small 1-bed apartment which requires an elevator ride to get up there.

I was thinking about the High Bridge but it looks like there's a park either side which I don't know if that would be okay to walk through at night.

I thought maybe too about Ward's Island Bridge as it has some tall (what look like) apartment blocks on the island.

My MC is a teacher and not badly off but his place doesn't have to be that nice. It's just a stopgap.

The 'bridge' doesn't have to be a proper bridge, but something that has some kind of view so that reason for sitting there sounds valid but that could kill someone it they fell off.

Also it doesn't have to be totally accurate, I'm happy to fudge some bits as long as it kinda sounds right. Because oh my god, I just need to get this done!

Also, if you fancy beta reading with a specific eye for all things big and appley, that would be lovely.

*kisses* xxx


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