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Call out for Beta Readers

I'm going to start editing my original fic, Little Werewolf House, this week, so if you would like a sneak peek at some Old West Werewolf action, then it would be great to have a few people to give it a look over.

Don't sign up until you've read the post beneath the cut. I'm not looking for proof reading at this point. I need feedback so smooth out the kinks...or lack there of. So, if you think you can put up with my bossiness, pm me and I'll give you run down of the warnings, etc, so you can make a decision. There are...a few : /
Trying something new! )

I'm going to try to edit a chapter everyday, RL permitting, and send them out around that frequently. exciting!!
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So, as you may or may not know, my inbox is generally a mess. Hundreds and hundreds of comments and messages. The only person that is annoyed by this more than me is [ profile] somersault_j : )

In fact, she was so annoyed by it that she threatened that should I ever get it down to zero, she would write the Big Bang story that we have been talking about for the last two years.


In a effort to start the new year afresh, as a gift to my Darling Somer, who is one of the best, most pervert people I know, and as a gift to the rest of us once the Big Bang season comes around ; )...I present to empty inbox.

I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks scrolling back through my posts to try to catch any comments that need replies that I've missed but the inbox is technically and officially empty...

*except I just heard a notification bong...I bet you anything that's Milly!! : )

...and if you have sent me a question that I haven't answered, please do message me again. One of the reasons I decided to do this was I noticed comments coming in, but the number on my inbox staying the same, so it has been deleting messages that I was keeping to reply to.

I'm determined to keep on top of this in the coming year, and I know Somer will do her best to keep me in line. She has ways and means.

It's beautiful : )

Anyway. Love your faces!!!
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morrezela kelios keep_waking_up fiercelynormal fairyniamh somersault_j sleepypercy stripytights melitta4ever matchboximpala sanshal [ profile] alycat

Just wanted to say, it was all y'all's Day 3 today but my Day 9 and I just felt awful, really physically tired, like there was no energy in my body. I could have easily skipped, easily thought "Well, it's just one day, it doesn't really matter."

But I've been here before and I know it does matter. So I did it. My workout was lacklustre and it took forever but I did it and I'm so glad I did!

Anyway, I figure that feeling is going to be coming your way soon and I just wanted to say, DON'T SKIP! You'll regret it! Even if you only go half as hard, and put in half as much effort, still DO IT!

Achieving your goal on the days it's easy is one thing, but doing on the days when it's hard is AMAZING! You'll feel so much better for it : )

Anyway, hope you're all not too achy! : ) xx

**NB - If you think you're going to hurt yourself, for the love of God, stop. You can permenantly damage yourself doing this stuff, so please do be careful. Pain is there for a reason, listen to it.**
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[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang sign ups are GO!!!!

And if a certain someone doesn't sign up there will be TROUBLE!

Look at the all caps! I'm VERY SERIOUS!

And maaaaybe a little over-excited : ) x
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Snaffled from [ profile] wings128 who snaffled it from gaffsie and veronamay

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- I'm going to say anything goes, either fannish (TV, movies, books, comics, music, fandom, ships, fictional characters, actors, writing, arting) or real life (if you touch something I don't want to talk about, I'll tell you and you can pick something else). Whatever comes to mind!

1st Dec: [ profile] ephermeralk - Favorite Mexican food/ what would you want to try if you were actually IN Mexico and/or an ode to nachos
2nd Dec: [ profile] kiltsocks - the best Christmas present you ever received or the gift you enjoyed giving the most :)
3rd Dec: [ profile] wendy - How do you drink your coffee?
4th Dec: [ profile] milly_gal - proudest moment
5th Dec: [ profile] locknkey - what one thing would you ask for, for yourself, if you could have it
6th Dec: [ profile] laurathelurker - Are you a pet person, how many have you had over the years and which was your favorite?
7th Dec: [ profile] casey28 - 3 favourite books?
8th Dec: [ profile] wings128 - the "why art?" question : )
9th Dec: [ profile] dizzojay - Which is your favourite character in Supernatural and your least? Why?
10th Dec: [ profile] brightly_lit - How did you get into painting, and how did you develop your skills?
11th Dec: [ profile] matchboximpala - What book do you think you should read, but likely never will?
12th Dec: [ profile] debauchedsock - Why don't you want to eat kale?
13th Dec: [ profile] alycat - something that inspires you?
14th Dec: [ profile] toratio - What was the first fic you ever read? Was it awesome? Was it awful? Did it get you into ficcing? Aka losing my fic-ginity : )
15th Dec: [ profile] septembers_coda - Describe the deepest love you've ever felt. Who was it for?
16th Dec: [ profile] firesign10 - if you were going to illustrate a favorite book, which one would it be?
17th Dec: [ profile] tifaching - What is your dream vacation?
18th Dec: [ profile] majestic_duxk - what is your favourite non british main meal to eat?
19th Dec: [ profile] emmatheslayer - How did you get in to the supernatural fandom ? and where you a fan from the start of the show ?
20th Dec: [ profile] blackrabbit42 - Please share your favorite art-related website
21st Dec: [ profile] sophiap - what is your favorite thing about this time of year?
22nd Dec: [ profile] jj1564 - what is your favourite Christmas movie or song
23rd Dec:
24th Dec: [ profile] meus_venator - If you could only choose one boy (Sam, Dean, Jared or Jensen) to help you survive the Zombie apocalypse, which one would you choose and why and how would you spend Christmas together?
25th Dec:
26th Dec:
27th Dec: [ profile] brightly_lit - How do you organize your day/what's a typical day look like? (dammit)
28th Dec:
29th Dec: [ profile] fufaraw - If you could have a whole day to do whatever you want--and adequate time before to plan it, what would it be?
30th Dec: [ profile] astarloa - A scene from a book or film that's stuck with you - for good or for bad.
31st Dec: [ profile] big_heart_june - got any special plans?


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