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Title - Who Makes The First Move?
Pairing - Jared/Jensen
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words. Characters that bear the names of actors in this story have no relation to the real life people of the same name. They simply have the misfortune to be cast in my sordid little tale. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 2,800

Warnings - man sex - oral and intercrural, age difference, unrealistic representation of the US university system, pie.

A/N - I'm all kinds of fail. I was supposed to do a pretty picture for my [ profile] smpc but my art-fu left me at the last minute and there's no way in hell I'm posting something that you get this awful instead.

From the 'verse called Dot The i (heed the warnings on the post if you go there)
Originally a comment meme thing prompted by [ profile] wings128 who wanted J2 CollegeAU (Thank you so much, Darling) that's gotten out of control. I'm still taking questions and writing more. Anyway, you don't need to have read any of the other bits, although this tiny snippet might help it along...
Who Holds The Umbrella? )

Anyway. I hope this is okay. Beta'd in record time by the ever wonderful, [ profile] yohkobennington. (Thank you so much, Hunny ♥). Any remaining mistakes are mine. Please feel free to point them out.
ETA - Made some minor edits coz they were pissing me off : )

Who Makes The First Move? )

Oh Dear

Jul. 24th, 2014 12:11 pm
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Sometimes I find myself scouring the internet for that one perfect image I just know I've seen somefuckingwhere only to realize its midday on a Thursday and I've been staring at a wall of porn for about two hours...and still can't bloody find it!

But then I find something like this and have to admit that I actually give no shits whatsoever : ) x

Amusing but VNSFW J2 )
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OMG We have 199 members and my OCD is going nuts! Share the lovely banner so that I don't have to keep looking at all those nines : )
Also, Yay for Anniversary Timestamps, MillyDay and so much more! \0/ x
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Holy Crap! Today I posted the 50th Red Like Blood, In Veins Of Blue picspam...which seems insane.
The comm has been going for for just over a month and we already have 125 members, which on the one hand seems even crazier but given the amazingness of the story, I shouldn't really be that surprised : )
We've even managed to convert some "100% totally squicked by mpreg" readers to falling for the epic tale of mobster and college drop out, and their smoking hot man-love for each other. All the glamour, grit and oh-my-god-that-shower-scene sexytimes that you could ever need.

Also handcuffs and panties. Yeah. I shouldn't be that surprised x

A little something for y'all - Pretty and NSFW )

Gigantic amounts of love to [ profile] golden_cyborg, [ profile] big_heart_june, [ profile] wendy, [ profile] milly_gal, [ profile] tebtosca,[ profile] jj1564, [ profile] krabbycow1110, for their contributions as well as all our unwitting contributors that we've co-opted from google and tumblr and to all the members for supporting us, and more importantly supporting Golden while she feeds our insatiable need for Jensen's insatiable need for Jared. You are all awesome : ) x


May. 10th, 2014 09:19 pm
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I have just lost two days to LJ.
My RSI hurts
After valiantly clipping my unanswered messages in my inbox back to less than 200 I am now back up to 496 (fml)
So tomorrow I will post for [ profile] spn_hallelujah, I will read any and all [ profile] rlbivob posts...and that's it.
I will try and answer any outstanding emails but otherwise, please try to be uninteresting and/or unamusing so I can get some RL stuff done! You guys quite frankly suck at being dull and unfriendly.

Other than that...

I made this manip. I'm not very good at it but I'm really happy with this one so I'm posting it and you can't stop me...ETA yes, I changed it just to confuse you : )

Jensen and Cillian

And if you're not a member of [ profile] rlbivob yet, why the fuck not? We have porn and pretty everyday and one of the best stories around as well as squee and lovely icon makers and playlist's really nice...especially if you like panties and handcuffs and stabvests ( I am partial to a stab vest) and mouthy bb!Jared and brooding scary!Jensen...who smokes.

Also I'm so excited about the artist that claimed my BB, I can't even. Brace yourselves for shitloads of squee when reveals happen!! : )

Off to bed.
Love your faces ♥ x
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Okay, three.

Sad first.

There was a dog abandoned in the park this morning. )
Enough of that.


I do not ship this but I know some of you do and this made me laugh so hard I just have to post it.


And also this!


Just giving you fair warning, this is me. From this point out I will in all likelihood become increasingly incoherent until the finale at which point I will be inconsolable for about a fortnight. Just so you know.

Hope everyone's weekend is awesomely epic except for last minute BBers. I hope your weekends are tranquil and that a full body massage awaits everyone of you. You deserve it! : ) x
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So I was supposed to be going to visit my family tomorrow, which some of you might know isn't exactly the most restful thing for me and I was all ready to write a moany post about having to travel really far with a dog who sheds and couch surfing for fours days and use this infographic...


...but then my mother just cancelled on me!! Admittedly I'm a bit sad that I don't get to see her or my bro for a few more weeks but mostly I'm happier than I should be that I can finish off some work that needs doing and start editing my BB...and that I get to use this gif instead...

I'm a homebody. Home is where I'm happiest. Also there's wi-fi here : ) x
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If you're trying to get hold of me/messaged me/wondering why I haven't answered your pleas, I am on the final furlong/last legs/vinegar strokes of my BB. I just have to get this last 1k done and then I'm all yours...promise...well, maybe after a shower x

Watch this til I get back if you're desperately bored x
Soo Very Very NSFW!!!...but freckles : ) x )
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I have been answering messages and replying to comments for most of today, deleting them as I go.

I still have 402 unanswered things in my inbox.

If I haven't replied to your lovely comment or message, I just wanted to let you know that I will do my best to return it as soon as possible, that I'm not ignoring you, I'm just slow and easily overwhelmed by life : )
And that I love you profoundly.

How profoundly?

How about muscle-bound Jensen profoundly.

Huh!...Amiright!...Right! x

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Daily RLBIVOB - Pretty and NSFW

There have been revelations over a RLBIVOB in the last few days. Ones that made me so happy like [ profile] golden_cyborg saying she thinks she's only 2/5 of the way through this story, and then others that make me want to punch certain characters in the face...repeatedly...with a crowbar. Either way, I think everyone seems to be liking the comm so far. Let us know if you would to see any other types of posts or stuff. In a few weeks we are thinking about doing an Ask The Author event so keep your eyes peeled for that and start thinking up some interesting questions.

In addition, if you feel like pimping the comm, do! We have banners. Hastily cobbled together banners by me but banners none the less. Codes are under the cut but if you should feel like putting together something that's a little fancier, do it and share it and post it on the comm so we can all revel in it.

Banners For Your Pimping Pleasure )
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I hardly got any sleep last night so when the damn dog woke up at 6am on in the dot, I could have killed her...but then a quick look at my phone told me [ profile] golden_cyborg POSTED so all was forgiven, especially when it turns out that reading the post from the new comm is delightful and so easy! *happy dances*

So get your butts over there to read it.

Also, [ profile] wendy is a friggin' genius and created a playlist for the fic which is just perfect! On top of which, when she posted it, she made a lovely thing with quotes and images and it's awesome.

If you're not a member then just click the button and you will be, then you can look at all the pretty pictures : )

Speaking of...x

Pretty and NSFWish )
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Okey dokey.
Some of you might know that [ profile] big_heart_june , [ profile] golden_cyborg and I have been working on a little something for all y'all over the last few days.

Assuming, I can get my shit together we will be ready to share it with you later which I mean 7pm London (8pm Amsterdam/ 2pm New York/ 11am LA/ 4am Weds Melbourne) Yes, June and I have synchronized our watches : )

So keep your ears on and there may be something tasty for you a little later : ) In the meantime you'll just have to look at the pretty x

Pretty, and NSFW at the bottom : ) )


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