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Coltan Haynes's nipple piercing was my spirit animal for a's currently Levi Karter twerking in Captain America underwear, but that's beside the point.

Coltan is adorable. He talks to a pig, sings badly, plays tennis and gets sweaty with Ian Bohen (I suspect not necessarily in that order ifyaknowwhatImean *winks*). He's a dork and proud, so I'm very fond of him.

Having said that, today he posted this... one that sweet should be allowed access to stubble. Just saying.

*fans self*

Also, I've eaten so much Indian food tonight I'm finding it kinda hard to breathe. I'm so full. Probably still have room for wine though : ) xx
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...I don't get my new glasses 'til Thursday but I've built it up in my head that the new prescription lenses are going to be life changing. Bye-bye headaches, and weird vision. Bye-bye only being able to draw for ten minutes at a time, and not being able to see out of my right eye by the end of the day. Goodbye to all that, and hello to typing for hours, drawing all day, and not feeling like my head is going to explode.

I may have built it up a bit too much, but only two more sleeps!

In other news...I went to a writers meet-up thing in London on Saturday. It was fun and interesting and a little overwhelming but I talked to people, and didn't flail or fangirl too badly. Anyway, one of the things we talked about was newsletters. So, yesterday I made one...well, I set the means by which to send them out. I was thinking that I could send one once a month, just recapping some of my blog posts, doing giveaways when I have something to giveaway, or adding excerpts or free chapters of stuff. IDK I figured it was worth a try, see if people like it or not. LJ won't let me put the form on here but you can sign up for it at the bottom of the page here.

I'm kinda excited about it as I'm using Mailerlite to make the newsletters, which is such fun to use! I spent all day yesterday geeking out over it when I should have been doing other writing. I can thoroughly recommend it. Especially for procrastinating : )

Miss your faces! xxx
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I think this would have some kind of "relationship goals" tag, if I were that way inclined.

Instead, I just hope it makes you smile : ) x

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I've accidentally written Ole West werewolves...or at least the start of it.

I'd love to get some feedback to see if it's worth persuing, if anyone fancies a look at it.

It's J2 in disguise, if that makes a difference.

There could well be chaps at some point : ) xx


Oct. 31st, 2015 01:22 pm
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This is for the con-lovers out there...

Have the J's ever answered a question about what animal they would be, or would like to be?

Other than moose or squirrel. I tried googling it but I just keep coming up with gifs of Jensen saying how much he loves Jared...IDEK xxx


Sep. 5th, 2015 06:44 pm
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...I was just thinking about The Mousetrap, y'know the Agatha Christie play that's been running in the West End since the Norman Invasion. I went a few years ago and it was fab, except for the lingering worry that I spoiled the ending for the woman sitting behind me, by wildly throwing out theories during the interval, only to have one of them be right : /



At the end of the play, the audience is sworn to secrecy about the story, and it's so good I can't imagine why anyone would give it away...but then I was thinking...

If you wrote something that was basically The Mousetrap, do you think would they even bother to sue you for plagerism, as doing so would reveal the plot of the play that's been running on secrecy for more than 60 years?

Asking for a friend.
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I really don't.

[ profile] siennavie made me art for last years Big Bang.

I still can't quite believe it.

If you don't know her, then you definitely should get to know her, and leave her some love. Truly one of the sweetest most thoughtful people, and such a talented artist...I feel so overwhelmed that she would do this for me. Especially as I feel horrible that I haven't been around at all lately.

AND she made it so that it compliments [ profile] mangacat's video for the fic too! How cool is that!

I really captures the feel of the fic for me, the lighting and the quiet intensity between them. I think it's just beautiful.

This was 'the little fic that could' for so long. I expect y'all are bored to tears with me talking about what a monumental struggle it was, but it does mean I feel ever so attached to the thing.

It was never going to get read by many people given the convoluted warnings – in a year I think I have 87 kudos on AO3 which some people seem to get in the course of a morning – plus the writing isn't that great but I love this story and it's characters, and to have someone make me something like this, for a story I hold so dear...yeah, I'm teary.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much to [ profile] siennavie. You're the bestest ♥

And if you're curious about the story and you don't want to ask me about it, you could always give [ profile] roxymissrose a try, I think she's read it more times than me ; ) I really appreciate your support, Hunny, even if I don't get around to saying it.

I miss your faces.

But look at the pretty!! : )

Read On LJ / On AO3
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This Sunday is [ profile] smpc's Porn Pile, celebrating the second anniversary of the com. Everyone is invited to porn and as usual I'm leaving it til the last minute to get something together.

What I had in mind, as I don't have a lot of time, was to do some manips of your favorite porny stuff. You know my manips are often unintentionally ridiculous but I think they're funny, and porn is porn, right?

So, link me to your favorite porn pic or gif, or just leave it in the comments and hopefully by Sunday I'll have enough to make a little Sam/Dean-J2 porn post. And don't forget that everyone is invited to post something on Sunday. Details are here if you're thinking about participating.

I'm still laughing at this one : ) xx
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Wasn't going to but having a weird why not : ) ♥ you all so much. And thank you to [ profile] yohkobennington and [ profile] cherie_morte for starting this whole thing xxxx


full meme | my thread

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So last weekend I was at the family place and they have a TV. I don't have one and haven't for several years. I don't feel like I miss much, especially the commercial breaks...except I caught this ad and...well, I'm not sure what the hell is going on.

Can someone please explain this? Is there a vital piece of recent pop culture that I'm missing that would make it clear what's going on? I'm wholeheartedly in favour of alpacas but why the theme music from the popular 1970's children's drama, Grange Hill?


I know I'm easily confused but...I just don't get it : /

ETA Check out write_light's comment for a link to explanatory blather! : ) x
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For the Harlequin_Marvel Challenge on Dreamwidth

Fic by the wonderful leatherandlightning available on AO3


Title: undead daffodils
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: 16,392
Notes/Warnings: au


"It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, for starters." Tony is gripping his hand, his eyes are sad underneath the shades. He looks a little lost. "You're just the embodiment of the American Dream, Mr. Rogers. I bet you puke sunshine and wear sweater vests unironically."

"Are things that easy where you come from?"

"You make it sound like I drive a UFO."

Steve nods seriously. "You're definitely from another planet."


More art bits and pieces : ) )

And lastly this gif, which is terrible but it made me smile : )


Please go read the fic, it's really good. I feel so lucky I managed to snap Ashley up before anyone else : )

Links are will be available on my deviantArt and also on my nsfw tumblr if you want to repost anything.
Please don't repost from here.
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3rd Dec: wendy - How do you drink your coffee?


with my mouth... )

I still have a few gaps to fill if you want to ask me something! Calender is here ♥
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Digital Painting
Photoshop with standard brushes.

So I had a day off...which apparently involves me drawing for two hours, painting in Ps for three and then editing the video of me painting for another three. Mmmm, relaxing : )

A couple of people mentioned speed videos, so I did that. If it's interesting, I shall do some more : )

Also, three guesses who I'm blaming for this ...♥
Shocker : ) )

Links are available on my deviantArt and also on my nsfw tumblr if you want to repost anything.
Please don't repost from here.

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Yes it's 1am but I just wanted to put this up before I go to bed.

Got my [ profile] spnspiration bingo card! And I have no idea what I'm doing!!

Still, I will tick them off as I go along...if I go along : ) x

Here it be....x )


Sep. 7th, 2014 10:00 am
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Hoping beyond hope that this will be [ profile] alycat later.


And yes, this is pretty much all we talk about, all the time x


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