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So, if you follow me on Facebook you might know that yesterday I had some sad news and spent most of the day weeping and moping around.

Today, I decided that I should stop feeling so sad and try to remember some happy things. This is them.

But first, the sadness.

Sad, sad news... )


Mar. 6th, 2016 03:15 pm
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You guys are so sweet! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my fic this morning, and for the recs! I almost never get recced but today I got two! I'm a little bit overwhelmed.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, and I'm glad your enjoying the story. Have some kisses to show my appreciation ♥ You guys are the best : ) xxx

Meet Jacob

Jan. 26th, 2016 09:17 pm
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Excited about my WIP!! Getting some reference images together to make a planning sheet as I think there's maybe another book after this one, and I'm going to attempt to plan ahead for a change.

But anyway...

Jacob, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Jacob... )

My lovely Caleb... )

Old West Shifter fic FTW!! \0/

Yup. Way too excited. There's a snippet here if you haven't already read it : )
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So, as you may or may not know, my inbox is generally a mess. Hundreds and hundreds of comments and messages. The only person that is annoyed by this more than me is [ profile] somersault_j : )

In fact, she was so annoyed by it that she threatened that should I ever get it down to zero, she would write the Big Bang story that we have been talking about for the last two years.


In a effort to start the new year afresh, as a gift to my Darling Somer, who is one of the best, most pervert people I know, and as a gift to the rest of us once the Big Bang season comes around ; )...I present to empty inbox.

I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks scrolling back through my posts to try to catch any comments that need replies that I've missed but the inbox is technically and officially empty...

*except I just heard a notification bong...I bet you anything that's Milly!! : )

...and if you have sent me a question that I haven't answered, please do message me again. One of the reasons I decided to do this was I noticed comments coming in, but the number on my inbox staying the same, so it has been deleting messages that I was keeping to reply to.

I'm determined to keep on top of this in the coming year, and I know Somer will do her best to keep me in line. She has ways and means.

It's beautiful : )

Anyway. Love your faces!!!
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So, my mom is doing her best to out me as a gay porn writer and I was sad about [ profile] milly_gal made me a lovely fraternal incest banner art thing to cheer me up!!

She succeeded by the way (and if you don't hear "that's what she said" in Dean's voice after that sentence, you might wanna reconsider why you're here)

Naked man parts and such... )


Aug. 11th, 2015 10:40 pm
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The crazy times are almost over!

Visitors leaving tomorrow and TWRBB to post, then I'm just back to the regular mad rush work stuff...which I can handle...for two weeks or so.

Then...well, we'll have to see... But I'm pretty sure that's the light at the end, not a train, if you catch my metaphor.

Just quickly many huge and wonderful thanks to all the people reading and commenting on my bb! The response has been crazy positive so far so thank you so much for that if I haven't replied to your comment yet. I will...eventually : )


I'm up to do SMPC this week and I'm all out of fic ideas.
So if you have any prompts for a down and dirty, quick 2k Sam/Dean or J2 fic, let me have 'em, ladies! My muse is tired so I need stuff she can pick through til she falls in love.
I got something! Thank you for all the suggestions : )

I hope you're all okay. Can't wait to catch up with y'all soon!!! xxx
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I've been having a massive crisis of confidence about my writing.

I haven't really wanted to talk about it as I think it's perfectly normal and I've been trying not to let it get to me. But it's hard when I feel like I don't have the time to properly concentrate on my WIPs so they're rushed and scrappy, and the BB is just endless and wholly unsatisfying to write at the moment. I've been dragging my feet with it as I can't stand writing when every word is vile. And it has to be that way as that's just how my first drafts come out but editing seems like it's a lifetime away and I just...hate it.

And then this morning I received a comment on my BB from last year, on AO3 and...Christ, I cried. It was stranger, which shouldn't make a difference but I think it does as they have no reason to be nice to me. And they were just so complimentary and invested in the characters and the story. They really connected with it emotionally and they asked for more.

I feel like I couldn't ask for anything better. It really helped to remind me that I may not be the best writer but I can tell a story that people want to read when I put my mind to it. It feels like a weight has be lifted and I'm actually looking forward to getting down to my BB this afternoon and making some headway.

Anyway, it made me really think.


When you read something someone has taken the time to write, please leave a little comment to let them know.

Even if you thought it wasn't all that, pick out a positive thing about it and say something nice.

If you don't have time to write a gushing review, just a smily face could make their day.

If you want to lurk, that's cool. But just a little wave to say you appreciate someone taking the time - to write 2.5k of Samstiel, 100k of crossover gen or some chibi!J2cowboys or whatever you find that makes you smile - doesn't mean you have to give up your anonymity. We won't hunt you down.

Writing is hard. Art is hard.

Typing : ) or ♥ in the comments takes less than two fucking seconds. And it can make so much difference to the way someone is going to feel that day.

Anyway. That's it. Rant over.

And thank you to everyone who comments on my stuff. You lovely enablers, you ♥ xxx

no title
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Plan of action...armadillo, dog walk, shower, eat actual food, DO SOME more fan stuff 'til later! Much later....x

Armadillo ✓
First thought - that armadillo reeeeeally loves that pink rubber teddy.
Second thought - oh god now I'm going to have to ask someone to J2 that coz it's too adorable to be anything else!
Third thought - look at his little tippytoes! Dying of cuteness : ) x

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I have been answering messages and replying to comments for most of today, deleting them as I go.

I still have 402 unanswered things in my inbox.

If I haven't replied to your lovely comment or message, I just wanted to let you know that I will do my best to return it as soon as possible, that I'm not ignoring you, I'm just slow and easily overwhelmed by life : )
And that I love you profoundly.

How profoundly?

How about muscle-bound Jensen profoundly.

Huh!...Amiright!...Right! x


Vid Rec

Apr. 13th, 2014 10:19 am
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This is [ profile] wings128 's fault. she rec a vid, I got into a loop and then clicked on this.

It's been up for a bit but it's new to me and goddammit! Get your tissues ready because...oh man!

Beautiful clips, beautifully edited to a beautiful song that will reach into your chest and tear chunks from your heart.

No really, it's gorgeous. watch it...with tissues x

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Go read this fic right, yes, do it.
It's brilliant! I feel like I...I don't even want to say. It's damn clever.
Oh god I wish I could do the thing that she did...go read it! You'll hate me but read it! x

Talk About It
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image copy 5

The first draft is done. I'm actually having a bit of a cry but I think that's mainly because I only got two hours sleep. I'm toying with the idea of doing more as I'm not 100% satisfied with the ending but for now…it's done.
I'm going to leave it alone for a few weeks now and then tweak it some more but…god, it's taken me 25 years to get this story out of my head and on the page the way I want it to be. Could not have done it without all y'all. Thank you guys. Really.

You all are my happy thing today : ) x
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I'm so close to finishing the first draft of my BB I can't hardly stand it!!

If you're not watching The Blacklist, ffs watch The Blacklist!! The last ep was a-maz-ing!
Spoilers for The Blacklist 1:16 )

Also, I've been good and not looked at any reaction posts for 9:16 so I was wondering...

not really a spoiler unless you're as obsessive as me : ) )
Also if anyone hasn't seen the meninlovewiththeircars doc I posted on [ profile] spn_bunker, you should go take a look given Dean's reaction...which was so perfect I can't even!

Anyway. Back to close! x
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If you haven't spotted it, The Bi-Bro Challenge is up at The Bunker.

The People of Letters are Bi-Bro and to encourage harmony and love as an antidote to all the wank flying around, the challenge is to create two fanworks, one from Sam's perspective and one from Dean's, that do not bash or favour either brother but address their current relationship issues.

All the details are on the comm.

Spread the Bi-Bro Loving : ) x
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Ep schmep! Yeah, yeah, loved it. Heavy handed? Maybe but I still wanted to hug it and kiss it all over. Oh and glimmers. Tiny glimmers. I'm all kinds of squee about it but...*waves hand dismissively*...but forget that for now!

Go here! -  Kintsugi  -  Read this! Like right now!
It made me cry so hard. It's so beautiful. Go! Seriously! x


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