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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Although, everyday is Random Acts of Kindness Day in fandom, I guess : )

Anyway. I wrote a quickie blog post about it.

This is it.
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So, about a million fucking years ago (I'm not kidding) [ profile] meesasometimes asked me for a little something.
Clearly, Hell has frozen over as I finally got around to doing it! For her birthday. Which is today.

Hope this is a little like you wanted, Hun, and I hope you have a fabulous day with those girls of yours ♥ ♥

Happy Birthday!!!! )


Jul. 29th, 2016 11:40 am
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Just wanted to leave a quick note to say thanks so much to everyone who came to the release party thingy last night. It ended up being loads of fun! : )

Also, I'm leaving the giveaway post up on my blog until 9pm BST tonight. So, if you fancy winning a paperback copy of "Home...", just pop over and leave a comment so I can put your name in the hat** : ) xxx

**There won't be an actual hat...just so you know : ) xx


May. 23rd, 2016 07:21 am
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 I signed up for art coz I haven't done a lick of anything fannish in ages. Drafts are due til Sep so there's plenty of time (yeah, right) If anyone has anything they'd love to see, let me know and I'll see what I can do : ) xx

A Thing!!

Apr. 23rd, 2016 05:54 pm
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So, next weekend I'm hoping to send out my first writer's newsletter! I figure that not everyone is going to be quite as excited about it as me, BUT that's because you don't know about the swag yet!

There's going to be swag.

Or at least, I'm going to make a little something for the first twenty people to sign up to the newsletter. Or the first twenty people that want a something, and are willing to give out their postal address so I can send the something to them. I have a few sign ups but it would be nice to have twenty by next weekend.

So, if you'd like an exclusive gift that original fic related, all you have to do is pop to the website and sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the page. I don't want to overhype the swag, so let's just say that it's adequate. Also homemade by the author.

See! How exciting is that!! - go to my website, and the sign up is at the bottom of the page - - Clickety Click!! x

Meet Jacob

Jan. 26th, 2016 09:17 pm
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Excited about my WIP!! Getting some reference images together to make a planning sheet as I think there's maybe another book after this one, and I'm going to attempt to plan ahead for a change.

But anyway...

Jacob, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Jacob... )

My lovely Caleb... )

Old West Shifter fic FTW!! \0/

Yup. Way too excited. There's a snippet here if you haven't already read it : )
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So, I just found out my short story will be included in the Valentines Anthology from Love Lane Books next month. Luckily, I was lying down already. I'm fricken excited but also kinda having an unexpected "Aw shit...I guess that means I have to work at this thing now" moment.

But in other, not unrelated news, a complete stranger – not a fangirl or RL friend or anyone who gives two shits about how I feel – read my Halloween story and really liked it! I made a complete stranger cry and feel sad \0/ Go me! So that's taking the edge off my burgeoning panic about this other thing.

Already thinking about The Further Adventures of Daniel and Elliot.

Maybe something for Easter.

*checks schedule*

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My lame-ass list of December reads is on my blog. I hardly read anything last month so it's super short - sorry. I feel like I'm letting the side down.

And one of them's a re-read. But it was Alexis Hall and it's awesome!

Anyway -

Feel free to leave any recs in the comments xx

Week 53

Dec. 30th, 2015 06:42 pm
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Me talking about my *feelings* )

Me talking about the tattoo...and *feelings* )'s looking pretty dark and angry right now, but it's going to settle down into light sepia eventually. It's weird how I feel like I was walking around with something missing for so long, and now I'm complete. It's a nice way to start the new year : )

Actual picture here : ) )


Dec. 14th, 2015 06:16 pm
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Just a quickie.

A few people have asked me for my address for Xmas cards. If you've already written it out and put it in an envelope, let me know and I'll do that tonight.

If you haven't, instead...the next time you're out shopping would you drop the money that you would have spent on a card and postage in a charity tin? I don't mind what...a local animal shelter, food bank, Doctors Without Borders...whatever (except The Salvation Army. They actively turn away LGBTQ so I'd rather not). Then you can tell me about it, and that way we can both get the warm fuzzies about doing something nice, and even though it's only a few pennies, it will do some practical good, as well as saving a ten-thousanth of a tree : )

Does that sound okay? It's my Festive wish.

Hope everyone's Season is Merry so far. I had a very lovely time yesterday in London. There was tinsel and everything : ) Now I have just got a week to get everything done before I get whisked away! Crikey.

Love your sparkly faces!! xxx
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I really don't.

[ profile] siennavie made me art for last years Big Bang.

I still can't quite believe it.

If you don't know her, then you definitely should get to know her, and leave her some love. Truly one of the sweetest most thoughtful people, and such a talented artist...I feel so overwhelmed that she would do this for me. Especially as I feel horrible that I haven't been around at all lately.

AND she made it so that it compliments [ profile] mangacat's video for the fic too! How cool is that!

I really captures the feel of the fic for me, the lighting and the quiet intensity between them. I think it's just beautiful.

This was 'the little fic that could' for so long. I expect y'all are bored to tears with me talking about what a monumental struggle it was, but it does mean I feel ever so attached to the thing.

It was never going to get read by many people given the convoluted warnings – in a year I think I have 87 kudos on AO3 which some people seem to get in the course of a morning – plus the writing isn't that great but I love this story and it's characters, and to have someone make me something like this, for a story I hold so dear...yeah, I'm teary.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much to [ profile] siennavie. You're the bestest ♥

And if you're curious about the story and you don't want to ask me about it, you could always give [ profile] roxymissrose a try, I think she's read it more times than me ; ) I really appreciate your support, Hunny, even if I don't get around to saying it.

I miss your faces.

But look at the pretty!! : )

Read On LJ / On AO3


Feb. 7th, 2015 08:51 pm
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Just chillin' at my friend's place while she's out and just thought I'd pop in to remind you that Hoechlin 100% makes me lose my shit....y'know...just in case you forgot. For reasons.

And yes I may have been drinking. How could you tell? : ) Hope all y'all are having a lovely weekend : ) xxx
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Okay, I'm sharing this for two reasons.
First, omg beautiful pictures!
Second, (I can hardly say it) in the comments...[ profile] riyku and [ profile] homo_pink talking fic ideas *bites fist*
It's very early in the morning and I'm really not awake yet but I actually cried. My two favorite writers doing words and stuff together. It makes me emotional, okay!

Anyway...pretty : ) x

Originally posted by [ profile] riyku at guess i've always had a thing for shaggy-headed boys
there's a story behind this, or a story inside of this, but recently i posted a photo on twitter to try to inspire a certain someone to write a certain thing, and then i was out and about with [ profile] cherie_morte and we started talking about said photo, and i accidentally let it be known that i have a whole folder of photos i thumb through from time to time when i'm thinking about what to write and how to write it, and she accidentally let it be known that it might be a good idea to share, and here you have it. it's pre-series and it's wincesty, at least in my head.
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New Neil Gaiman book for children features a princess being woken by a kiss from a queen - Click pic for article.


This and this and this!!!

And because it's Neil...well, who's gonna argue with Neil : )

Neil is a good person x

Also, to save me spamming you...
Am I the last person on the planet to realise that the guy who plays the older Canton Delaware III in Dr Who is Mark's Dad?! How fucking awesome is that! : ) x


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