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I have rewritten Gazes Into You.

I always intended to publish this as an original fic... although I wasn't expecting on getting it out quite so soon.
I'm just waiting for it to get back from the editor and then I'll put it up on Amazon, etc. So, two weeks?

What this does mean though is that I'm going to be TAKING DOWN the J2 version. So, if you want to download that from AO3, do it soon.

Just so's you know, I am happy for the J2 version to be shared between y'all in the future. I just can't have it online with the official version available.

As always, I'll be giving out a bunch of ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) once I've formatted the files, so if you want to get one of those, just let me know. And I do a ton of giveaways and free promo stuff on a regular basis so if you don't want to pay cash money for this, there will be an opportunity to get your hands on it gratis in the future. All I ask is a quick review or rating on Goodreads or Amazon. Doesn't even have to be a positive one : ) No, all about the algorithm...or something.

I have no idea what I'm doing...

I got four more planned in this series, so I'm hoping people like this one. I mean, creepy stalker ex-cop getting all hurt/comfort sexytimes with a *coughs*Stockholm Syndrome*coughs* much younger stranger... what's not to like!? : )


Ex-detective John Right likes to watch.
There's no harm in it.

The latest object of his obsession—a twenty-something stranger who chains his bike outside John's office—doesn't feel the weight of John's eyes on him, doesn't know about the secret recordings or what John does with them in the dead of night. Except when the kid disappears, John finds himself doing far more that just watching.
Reluctantly, John has to start thinking like a cop once more as he frantically tries to track down his mystery man. Although when he finds him, John is left with more questions than answers. And the more he learns, the more he wishes he'd never started looking in the first place.
Can John get to the bottom of the mystery without giving away his own dirty secret? And without giving in to his urge to do more than simply watch?

Well...nobody's perfect.

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So, the epic second (third?) draft of the BB begins, and in an effort to break away from the  "He said. He said" thing, I'm making myself a crib sheet (or twelve) of words to use instead of, or in addition to 'said', so it reads a bit better.

I've taken suggestions from about five different sources and have amalamated them into a giant, vaguely alphabetical list. I'm going to try to wrangle it into something more usable at some point but I thought I'd leave it here just in case anyone else might find it useful.

If you spot any duplicates or omissions, do please let me know.

Gonna try and get some actual work done now : )

Miss your faces ♥

Long, Long, Long List of Words )
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So last weekend I was at the family place and they have a TV. I don't have one and haven't for several years. I don't feel like I miss much, especially the commercial breaks...except I caught this ad and...well, I'm not sure what the hell is going on.

Can someone please explain this? Is there a vital piece of recent pop culture that I'm missing that would make it clear what's going on? I'm wholeheartedly in favour of alpacas but why the theme music from the popular 1970's children's drama, Grange Hill?


I know I'm easily confused but...I just don't get it : /

ETA Check out write_light's comment for a link to explanatory blather! : ) x
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Title: Breathless
Prompt Song: Breathless by Dan Wilson
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: M
Warnings: Breath play, schmoop evil!Sam style : )

Art )

Ship Meme

Feb. 8th, 2015 10:56 pm
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As with all the best things, I'm stealing this from [ profile] wings128 : )

If you're not sure which shows I watch you can check my interests on my profile, and of course rlbivob is always allowed. If you want to pick a Wincest flavour (ie. Teenchesters, or whatnot) that's cool too : )

Comment with a Ship and I'll tell you...

who holds the umbrella when it rains
who is the grumpiest in the morning
who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
who plays pranks on the other
who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
who insists on creating nicknames for the other
who drools on the other when they’re asleep
who says ‘I love you’ first


Feb. 7th, 2015 08:51 pm
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Just chillin' at my friend's place while she's out and just thought I'd pop in to remind you that Hoechlin 100% makes me lose my shit....y'know...just in case you forgot. For reasons.

And yes I may have been drinking. How could you tell? : ) Hope all y'all are having a lovely weekend : ) xxx
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[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang sign ups are GO!!!!

And if a certain someone doesn't sign up there will be TROUBLE!

Look at the all caps! I'm VERY SERIOUS!

And maaaaybe a little over-excited : ) x
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Title - An Angel Living In The Garden Of Evil
Pairing - Sam/Dean, John/Dean, implied Benny/Dean
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words but all my base are belong to Kripke, Sera, Ben or whoever so don't sue me. It's just for fun. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 3392

Warnings - oh god...READ THE WARNINGS...I'M NOT KIDDING! )

Summary - Sam knows where Dean has been, knows what, and who he's been doing. It eats him up inside knowing that he's always had to share Dean with another man. Because Dean is his and he is Dean's.

A/N - My [ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift for [ profile] tifaching : ) I'm so nervous about this. Darling, I was so happy to get you, I really properly squeed : ) I hope you don't mind me cheating a bit...when I read your list of likes, an idea for the follow up to Gods and Monsters that I'd wanted to do for ages but didn't know how to start, popped in my brain. I hope that's okay. You don't have to have read the other fics...the last one is's not probably best, anyway.
I really wanted to make this so good, but my brain is still all full of stupid so apologies for it being a bit disjointed and maybe not working as well as it should...if it works at all : /
All the love and snuggles to the ever wonderful [ profile] somersault_j for holding me tight while I finished it and doing her beta thang at the last minute.

Title from Lana del Ray.

An Angel Living In The Garden Of Evil )
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Title: The Acoustics Verse -  Part One
Author: [ profile] tifaching
Cover Art: alexisjane
Reader: [ profile] alexisjane
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: I don't think they make one high enough - NC-17?
Length: 1 hr 6 mins
Warnings: Everything. Seriously. Everything. Except het...unless you count snakes.

Summary: Sam has no redeeming characteristics.  Dean's life is one of rape and torture at Sam's hand.

Readers Notes:  – Buckle up – If you're not familiar with the 'verse , you might want to dip into the fic first before listening to an hour of this. This recording starts with Run, and then continues with the drabble verse in chronological order.
I'm having a hosting nightmare, so hopefully these links etc will work and I'll update the post as soon as I get my shizzle sorted out.
Recorded partly as Tif bought me in a fanauction and also for Fright Fest 2014 over at [ profile] evilsam_spn

The acoustics verse

Record and upload voice >>

mp3 Here

***Bonus points and a Free Cookie to whoever can guess which drabble made me breakdown and have this reaction : ) ***

Audio recording software >>
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Oh god.

Two fucking hours on would have thought I'd have pressed save just once...nope.

You can see my tears of frustration in the dictionary under 'Rookie Mistake'.

I'm just gonna beat myself in the head and then crawl into a bottle for the rest of the evening, if that's okay x

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Things I have learnt whilst not having the internets

I cannot look up the number of the service that can come fix my router...because my router is broken.
I don't know what circle of hell that is but oh my god, my brain nearly shortcircuited.

My 3G phone does not get 3G in the house...

I cannot watch TV...
or listen to music...
or use my printer (fuck knows where that cable is)...

I cannot check the weather to see if it's safe to walk the dog without getting drenched...
I cannot fact check anything if I want to write some fic...
I cannot source photos to do artwork...
My DVD collection seems to consisted almost entirely of Japanese horror, Gerald Bulter and RDJ...

It was basically me and the (wet) dog sitting in a room for 3 days, feeling like the rest of the universe had evaporated.

I didn't like it.

I also learnt that when the new router arrives, the sticker that says "Takes 20 minutes to set up the best communication" really doesn't take into account how motivated a fangirl can be if she knows there's a season opener waiting out there in the ether : )
90 seconds, bitches!

I know it was only a few days but I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I watched the ep in a rush coz OMG I needed it but....
what passes for a 10.01 reaction )

I'm gonna watch it again later when there's no screenglare and my brain is actually working, I'm sure there's more intelligent stuff to be said. I'm also sticking to the rule from last season and not reading any reaction posts. It only takes one comment for me to lose my mind so in the spirit of happiness, best not : )


It's so nice to be home : ) xx
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Originally posted by [ profile] reggie11 at Help save Mel (Demondetox)

One of our SPN family is in trouble, and the lovely [ profile] kazluvsbooks has organised this fundraiser to help her out. I won't go into too many details because Mel's ([ profile] demondetox) private life should stay private, but she's a single mother who is also taking care of her own mother. She's also very, very strapped for cash. She's a kind, generous, and big-hearted person. A number of you already know the circumstances of why she needs the money from a post I made on [ profile] all_spn. But below is a link to her tumblr post, and some of the fabulous GIFs she posts on tumblr as well as a few words from
[ profile] kazluvsbooks



"We are blessed to have so many of Mel’s gif’s and edit’s on tumblr and this is a way to say thank you and keep her in the fandom.

(Mel has not asked me to do this, i am doing it on behalf of her and will hand every donation over to her for the bill. Any questions please ask.)"

PLEASE DONATE HERE (even if it is just $5)


Sep. 6th, 2014 10:04 pm
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I've been awake for many many hours. Earlier I was feeling is kinda weird right now.

Anyway, a perfect time to post this.

Before I have said how much I want a J2 where Jared discovers (by way of making a delivery or something) Jensen standing in the hallway of his house, pretending to bark like a dog, very convincingly. I'm imagining that there's a rational explanation for it and Jensen is an accountant or something, very straightlaced...hilarity and buttsex ensues.

This came about as I look after a dog that barks in the manner of a man pretending to bark...yes I know you've probably read this before but look!!!

A dog that howls like a man in's very funny. It's just weird to start but by the end I was beside myself!!

I'm going to go to bed now...and wear earplugs! xx


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